Hello from Essex!

So, I’m here! And I have survived my first week and a half in sunny Billericay!


I moved down to Essex from Lowestoft on the 27th August to stay with the lovely Grimes family; Roger and Sally and their two children Oliver and Annie. After several emotional goodbyes from family members and my boyfriend I was raring to go and get stuck into the job!

Day 1: First day at the office!

The beginning of a new year started in the best way; with bacon butties!!! We met the team of many who work at Viz-a-viz ministries and got to know one another, and also prayed together about this new adventure as the new school term began.


The Ministry Centre is our Taste base, where we have an office and are joined with other Viz workers from organisations such as Arise and the Rooftop Ministries. We also have a studio there where we will later be recording our own Tasty album! They all were great at making us feel welcome and after a day of rehearsing and chatting about what’s happening, we went for a social to see a film together and then had a meal at the harvester!


Day 2 & 3: 

Thursday and Friday were days where we had to learn learn learn! With only 2 weeks until our first tour in Germany, we had to make sure that were were learning the Taste songs and the worships songs for the weeks abroad! Rehearsing has been going well so far, and I have realised that after having 2 whole months off from any learning at college since I left, my brain is taking a while to adjust to the amount of information it’s having to contain suddenly!!!

We then had to pack the van (the vans name being ‘Bolt’) ready to leave early on the Saturday morning for Integrate Camp in Sizewell. Lots of gear and lots of things to remember!

I also braved my first ever bus journeys whilst in Essex; travelling from my road into Basildon where I was picked up by the other Taste guys and then driven to the office. It was quite scary seeing as I didn’t have a clue where I was or where I was going but I managed to get there and back safely and without (too much) trouble! Thank you God for keeping me calm when I thought I was on the wrong bus!

The first few days were challenging, exciting, busy but BRILLIANT. Thank you all for your prayers; particularly for your prayers about my first day and about moving home.

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