Our first Tasty adventure! Integrate camp in Sizewell.


Saturday 31st August:

Our first Tasty trip to an event! We travelled to Sizewell in Suffolk and got there early afternoon, ready to set up the Barn where we would b basing the young people’s work throughout the week. Blowing up inflatables, setting up the stage and making the gazebo prayer tent look really nice was just some of the activities for the afternoon. A cup of tea and a chance to get to know the leaders of Integrate YFC who were heading up the camp was in order and then the young people (roughly 30 of them) arrived at 7 ready for the evening meeting. Us Taste  guys started off the evening with a demonstration of the ‘Mix Dance’ and got everyone in the mood for a brilliant evening of worship led by Ben Lawrence. The band for the week consisted of Ben on guitar and vocals, Josh (Taste) on guitar and vocals, me on vocals, Dave Blake on vocals and keys, Steph Richardson (Integrate YFC) on flute, Reece (Taste) on drums and Andy (Taste) on bass. We really encouraged the young people who wanted to use their gifts throughout the week to come and have the chance to sing/play with us on stage and it worked really well; some of the key songs of the week were ‘Deep cries out-Bethel’ and ‘Let it be known-Worship Central’.


After a rather chilly night in a tent, we began the first day at the camp with some more worship and teaching and had a testimony slot each morning for people who were asked to share their own story. Then, over lunch, the young people were encouraged to go to a seminar which were on topics such as God’s Image and about Relationships. The theme for this whole week was about Image; the tents were called designer labels such as ‘Superdry’ and ‘Quicksilver’ and we were talking about what God thinks of us and touched on what may be our influences in life and ultimately God loves us for who we are because HE made us! Games, good music, great food and brilliant fun!




Each day we had both a morning and evening session together; the mornings were slightly different to the evening praise, as we were encouraging the young people to use different ways to worship God. One morning we gathered loads of cups, bins and pots and pans and got a really cool rhythm going led by Josh, Reece and Andy. We also had something which I was particularly helpful with…art! It was really good to give them all a chance to worship in a different way to suit themselves.

As well as the worship sessions and teaching parts of the day, we had some interesting games and activities happening! The monday night stimulation game meant that between 9pm-11pm we had a ‘gas attack’ on the site and the young people had to flee ‘Syria’  and make their way to find supplies and to cross the border into a refugee camp, and then to find safety. We also took an afternoon out to Southwold and had a ‘leader hunt’ where us leaders got dressed up and had to hide for the young people to find us! Some hilarious costumes by the team members!

IMG_0258 IMG_0260IMG_0265

I also helped presenting one of the evening sessions with Josh (above, wearing the suit!) and on Tuesday evening I shared my testimony of what’s been happening during the last few months and I was able to pray with a young girl who was struggling with a similar situation which was really powerful.


It was really exciting to discover there were a fair few of the campers who gave their lives to Jesus! Two of them were in the group that I was looking after for the week. Please pray for the young people who made this commitment, especially after having to go back to school straight after this week away, that they will feel God with them just as they did at camp and they will be excited to tell others about the decision they have made!







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