New church!

My first Sunday at home meant I was able to visit my church and meet some great people!

Sunday morning I joined my host family at their church in South Green. Billericay Baptist Church has 3 different places that they meet on a Sunday morning. The service at South Green is held in a school hall, so I was in a familiar setting after spending the last 7 years at Cliff Park Community Church!


It was great to meet some of the congregation and to experience a new church. We looked at Romans 8 and how God uses all things to work together for our good. Even in the hard times! It reminded me of our personal time out we had at Sizewell on Thursday. I was looking at the waves on the beach and how they were crashing down hard onto the sand. Especially for me at the moment, it seems like things in life are scary, hard to deal with and like everything is crashing down. When I looked to my right I saw the beautiful sun, glaring out and reflecting onto these crashing waves. It reminded me that in all things, even when things appear to not be going brilliantly, God is in them, just as the sun light was shining onto the sea.


On Sunday evening I then joined the Perry Street congregation for another service; this time meeting some of the youth and having communion together. I am looking forward to meeting these people again next week as the youth lead the evening service next Sunday.

So today we are heading off to rehearse at the Barn where I had my audition! Please pray for us all that we will be able to communicate well, learn the songs and not be too tired before our tour on the 17th!

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