Rehearsals, rehearsals, rehearsals!

We have one week to go until Germany!

On Tuesday 17th September we will be travelling across the sea to Germany where we will be spending two weeks with some young people there.

The idea is for us to learn some worship songs, and the Taste songs ready for next week. When we are in Germany we will be joining the German worship band with some of the English worship songs such as ‘Strength will rise’ ‘I am a friend of God’ ‘Light of the world’ and then doing a Taste gig on an evening where we will be performing some of our own songs.


All this week we are spending time together rehearsing, figuring out chords, arrangements, harmonies and getting into the Taste groove ready for our band debut next week. Very exciting!

The barn where we are using to practice is a beautiful scene and we have a great room where we can use to practice together. I’m also getting used to our in-ear monitors which are brilliant but strange to hear yourself through headphones!


We are getting on really well as a team. Thank you for your prayers so far; the songs are looking great and as well as the serious side of the rehearsing, we are getting a chance to really get to know each other and have a laugh!

Though things are going great, prayer for the ability to learn and remember would be widely appreciated as we are getting closer and closer to boarding the ferry to our first tour!


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