Just a quick post!

As many of you know I have suffered from IBS, particularly in this last year. Things still haven’t calmed down and I would appreciate some prayer about it! I am trusting that God will heal me and take away the pain but that doesn’t mean that I don’t face the challenge of it every morning when I wake up at the moment because it’s still very much there.

Our God is a God who heals! Please pray for me about this situation in particular, so that I can put my whole attention onto this year with Taste.
Thanks x


  1. Beth we are all here for you in prayer. That lighthouse song were the words I needed to here today as I have been going through a lot in life recently I would love to get in contact with you Beth as your blog is really keeping me going at the moment and I would love to email you about what I am going through to get it off my chest and to be in your and the teams prayers.
    Thanks x

      1. Hi beth I met you and the team at solid. Since meeting you I have been thinking and praying for you and the team as when I was around you I felt closer to god and I hope all the other children you talk to feel that way as well. Everyday I now lesson to the light house song and I feel closer to god, and in my life now I feel like the darkness is behind me and I am in the light but I can see a rollercoaster of a life in front of me. I just want to thank you for taking the time to reply to my message and pray for me because when I have a day when I am in the dark I read your reply and I know that I am in your prayers and that I can message you about my faith with god anytime.
        Thanks x

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