On the road we go!

Today is the day of our first tour! And guess where we’re heading?!


Today is going to be a day of traveling for us, across France, Belgium and Holland and then getting to Germany this afternoon.

We are going to be at Konfi Camp this week until Sunday, where there will be roughy 250 young people wanting to know more about Jesus! We as the Taste band are helping lead worship for the English songs, running some music workshops with them and also doing a gig where we will be performing our own songs for them to enjoy.

Hopefully more info to follow once I’m there and I have found the wifi! But as today is a traveling day, prayer would be appreciated about travel sickness, peace and safety as we treck across these countries. Please pray for Andy and Joy, as they drive the van today and please pray for my health once again!!

We are all very excited but also a bit nervous about going away for the first time as a new team. But we know this is God’s plan for us!

I’m looking forward to updating you all when I am there.

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