Hello from Germany!

Finally getting round to having some time and some internet means I have a lot to tell you all!


We arrived safely on Tuesday after a 12 hour journey here, to our lovely house which we were sharing for the camp. Another chance to get to know each other really well because we had to live with each other!!


DSCF2666(our house  for the week!)

We spent the evening playing intense games of Ligretto (a new game we have found is amazing) and then caught an early night before the fun and games began the following day!

Wednesday saw us setting up the venue for the majority of the day. After Reece and I only setting up our equipment twice before, it was challenging but we are getting better and faster the more times we do it! This event called for the whole lot; staging, lighting, smoke machines, projector and screen and lots of instruments! We also met the team who were were going to be working with; some speaking very good English, some speaking very little! For a first tour, it is quite hard not understanding German, but we all laugh along because they often don’t understand us either! These people are people with such big hearts for the youth in their area, who want to see their lives changed by them discovering God’s love and compassion for them. In the evening we performed for the first time to a crowd ( altogether being about 400 people in the venue) which was very exciting and went very well! They loved it and were completely up for dancing and jumping around which we love!

The worship band led the songs and some were in English but also some were in German. We also had to have translators for us when there were talks but there were many willing volunteers who tried their best to translate for us and we were very grateful for their help! Wednesday’s meeting was packed full of games and fun, followed by a disco where I experienced Josh and Reece’s amazing dance moves and they completely put my inability to dance, to shame!

Thursday was an early start; we loved the breakfasts they provided us, lots of yummy food and time to get to know the team a little better. The mornings were spent with the Konfis getting into their youth groups and having a bible study together, which meant that we had some time as Taste to pray together, discuss our programme and rehearse. After lunch we observed the tournaments which were taking place ; kicker, football and table tennis were on offer and we were great encouragements to the kids as we went and cheered them on! DSCF2661 DSCF2675 DSCF2678

On Friday Taste led some music workshops for those people interested in learning from us. Josh and I took some groups and taught them some harmonies to ‘Twist and shout’ and then we brought them back to the group which the other Taste guys were leading with their instruments, and we all performed the song in the evening meeting for the rest of the camp which was brilliant! They seemed to love being with us. The programme was early starts and late finishes, so we had a meeting with some of the team at midnight (ft pizza!) where we were given directions for the following day and also prayed together. It was really special to hear Gods people speaking to Him in different languages!

Saturday was a big day for us ! We had our first concert to prepare for! It meant moving the German bands equipment out of the way so that we could use the whole stage to perform on. Josh wasn’t very well with a bunged up nose and a sore throat, I wasn’t feeling my best with the start of a cold too and Reece has been suffering with bad headaches all week so we were feeling low but it didn’t stop us from putting our heart and soul into this performance! We thought it would be great to change our band image and so the afternoon saw us experimenting with some bleach…..

We love it!!! Thanks to Joy for her amazing hairdressing skills 😉

All hyped up and raring to go we took to the stage and began with the Mix dance; inviting some of the keen girls from the crowd to join us on stage… they loved it! And then we were off…performing for an hour and half…with an added encore of some worships songs at the end because they hadn’t had enough of us! Such an amazing experience to play my first gig in Germany! Oh, and they loved our hair !

After the gig we were invited to go and to pray a blessing over the young people in the ‘Night Church’ if they wanted us to. We had some good conversations with those who came, some speaking English and some needing a translator. But we were able to offer support, love and care for whatever reason and it felt great to know we were getting closer to them and we could see how our relationship with them all had grown over the week.

Sunday was sad to say goodbye…after lots of singing, dancing, a final acoustic performance from us guys and a big thank you to all 150 of the leaders, it came time to pack down all of our equipment once more and to pack and leave ready to be in Iserlohn for 6pm. We managed to get there just in time for the hot dog van to still be there outside the church and for us to meet some of the key people who we will be working with throughout this week.

So now we have just finished our first day in Iserlohn; investigating the base where we have performed tonight to the Checkpoint Cafe young people and discussing the schedule ready for tomorrow to start. I have been given wonderful hosts who have taken me in for the week; they speak English and have been very kind to me so far so I am excited to stay here for the rest of the week!

This first week of our tour has been incredible. I have learnt so much, made new friends, performed for the first time, and even dyed my hair! Us as a team are getting closer and stronger every day and I love being with them so much! We always have such a good laugh 🙂

Thank you all for praying. Also, I wasn’t sick on the journey! But please pray for the way home too…I don’t fancy being travel sick!!!!!

Tomorrow we are performing at the cafe again, but I hope to keep everyone more updated now that I have Wifi at my hosts house.

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