Twist and shout!

Well, I can now say that I have done my first lot of schools work! 


Both yesterday and today (wednesday and thursday) Taste have been performing in some schools in the local area. We were in 2 schools yesterday and one school today. These schools visits are organised for us by the local churches who we are working with this week in Iserlohn. The idea is that we go in an maybe take some lessons, perform our songs and get a chance to share about our faith with them. 


Yesterday was challenging because we had to go to two schools; one in the morning and one in the afternoon. It meant an early set up and having breakfast (prepared for us by our lovely German assistants!) in the van on our way there. A 7am pick up followed by a 2 hour set up was tiring but completely worth it! The first school was where we performed for a mini concert and took 2 lessons. These lessons included us talking about where we are from, what our hobbies are and we also performed some of our songs and told them about the meanings behind them. We had some of the older pupils so they understood English quite well but we had Max and Veronica who are helping us this week, who translated for us when it was needed. 



The second school was a school for physically and mentally handicap children. They already had a stage and some equipment set up but we set our own instruments up and performed for about an hour to them, with songs which they could interact with us in like Sitting on the fence and Side by side. They loved it and it felt great seeing how excited they were about music and about a band being at their school, and we all came away really feeling good about how they day had gone!


Today’s school was a college in Iserlohn, so the students were older and their English was on a higher level. We had another early start (but not as early as yesterday) and unpacked ready for 11:15 when we started. We took two Religion lessons and took the opportunity to talk about our faith and to say why we believe in what we do. We all gave different answers and I think they understood how special God is to us all in the band which is great. We performed again in another concert during their break time and we had some very keen students and teachers who were participating in the dancing! One of the teachers in particular loved us doing Twist and shout!!!


Tomorrow we are going to our final school of the week during the morning. We are anticipating another great morning there after the week we have had so far but prayer for safety, tiredness and energy would be appreciated! 

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