Schools, sightseeing and shopping.

Our final day visiting schools and it began in a similar way… Setting up pretty early, having to bring our things down stairs from the van and using lots of energy! Our friends from Checkpoint who have been helping us all week were very helpful giving us extra pairs of hands and muscles to transport the equipment and to move the empty bags and boxes from the stage. They also have been brilliant at providing us with yummy food!


We were set up in the music room. A very large room with a stage and big bright (warm) lights! We began with a small concert of a few songs and then took a lesson where we had about 60 kids from 3 different classes. Again, we performed some songs and spoke to them about where we are from in England and so I told them about Lowestoft being the most easterly point and having a nice beach. They were shocked at how close to the beach I live; they have to travel about 5 hours to get to their closest beach!

We were in the school performing until about 12pm. After our pack down we travelled to the church where we have been based throughout this week. I tried my first kebab at lunch time!

The rest of the day was a trip to investigate the city we are in for this week; Iserlohn. Our friend from Checkpoint called Patrick showed us round and we got to spend some time shopping and having a lovely coffee (or hot chocolate in my case) in a coffee shop .

The city is really cool, with lots of shops and the sun even came out just for us! We were introduced to someone who has his own clothing line called Letrelle and after getting to know him a bit more, he gave us all a free hoody! So the rest of the evening we were walking advertisements of his clothes as we kept them on until we were home… And we’re wearing them today!


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