Playing somewhere new!

After the gig on Saturday, we didn’t stop there!!! We had to be up early on Sunday morning and travel with the team to the local prison!

We had been asked to take their Sunday service by performing some of our Taste songs for an hour. The thought of playing in a prison was so exciting but I was a bit nervous all the same! A completely different atmosphere to the night before and of course, we had reached a very tired stage of the week!

The building we were in was the chapel and there were beautiful windows and a massive amount of space for us to use. The Chaplin welcomed us and we had to be directed to the place we were going. We had a great big team from Checkpoint cafe who had volunteered to help us set up and unload again. Very helpful pairs of hands!

We set up and had a sound check. I admit that when the boys entered I thought they wouldn’t be interested once we started and would lose interest. However, I was completely surprised as they were very keen to sit and listen to our songs and to Josh’s testimony. There were a few enthusiastic guys who liked to contribute to the songs where we need audience participation! Completely loved the experience and we have had very good feedback from the Chaplin about how it went.

It was time for goodbyes to the wonderful checkpoint team and time to get back on the road after saying goodbye to our hosts. We are all very grateful for the generosity of the hosts and the team who have helped us in many ways over the week. We have made some brilliant friends this week!

Back on the road and time to travel to the Netherlands, where we were going to be staying for the night so that our journey back to England was broken up. A nice night in together with a spot of Ligretto and a celebration of being together for one month!! And an early night was in order…..


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