Back to Billericay!

Monday was a very long journey back to England; via Basildon and then to Sizewell where we were spending the week on retreat. The cottage we were staying in at Sizewell Hall was right next to the sea which was perfect for our Personal Time Outs.


Due to the unfortunate breakage of my brace, Tuesday was a day that was spent in Lowestoft sorting out my mouth but also giving Joy some time to visit her sister Ali in Gorleston. The boys spent the day at the Reid house and it was a lovely day where my family were able to meet my team. My brace was fixed and we thought that it would mean I would be pain free as my mouth started to lose swelling.

However, the following day saw a similar thing happen and my brace began to break again!

We spent Wednesday and Thursday listening to God and taking time out to focus on Him and what He is saying to us. We also did some training throughout the two days on giving talks and about speaking to the young people. I felt very much out of my comfort zone but it was very helpful to get the practice before I am given the opportunity to do it in the future at events. Another activity which we all took part in was cooking for each other; Wednesday night was the girls team and me and Joy cooked an amazing toad in the hole! Thursday was the boys’ turn and they stunned us with their chicken curry. Such talent !!!

Friday morning was really special because we woke up early and went and saw the sun rise over the sea. It was beautiful. We spent some time in worship and prayer, declaring how amazing God is and observing His beautiful creation.

photo (6)

It was a very special way to end the week together, and we parted ways on Friday morning so that I could go home to Lowestoft for the weekend to spend time with my family.

I really enjoyed going back to Cliff Park Community Church on Sunday to tell everyone about what I have been up to over the past 6 weeks. I should have counted the amount of hugs I got, because there were so many! It was a great reminder of all the amazing love and support that has been shown to me through my church family in Gorleston. A great service led by Jamie, really helping me to focus on God as I shared a testimony about my time in Germany and told them about the ways that God has been using me. It was great to see how excited they all were to hear about our work, and to once again get prayed for and blessed as I left again ready for the coming weeks. I am so thankful for my supporters back at home, and for everyone’s support at church on my visit, thank you.

photo (5)

I am still experiencing a lot of problems with my brace and it has resulted in my cheek becoming completely swollen again as there is about 1cm of sharp wire sticking into the side of my mouth!!! Please pray for me as I look into getting treatment in Billericay this week. It is going to be a massive problem if this continues to happen as regularly as this, especially as my most used musical instrument is my voice and I need to move my mouth freely to be able to sing!!

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