An interesting week

It seems that this week has been pretty busy and full of lots of different things even thought we haven’t been touring!

Brace update: The pain from my wire sticking in was getting unbearable and on Monday I spent a while phoning and visiting a few orthodontists in the area to see whether they would take me on and repair the damage as an emergency. The response was very negative and I had to make the decision of either paying £200 in Billericay to be seen to, or £25 to travel home to Lowestoft and grab an emergency appointment there.

So on the road I went! God provided me a lift home on Tuesday night which I was really thankful for. It was touch and go as to whether I would be seen but the offered me an appointment for first thing on Wednesday morning which meant I was able to be fixed before 9am which was brilliant. It also gave me a few more hours seeing some of my family! This also meant that I had to brave the first train journeys on my own to get back to Billericay ready for work the next morning. I managed it and was able to be back home by 4pm that same day. I am so pleased that it has been able to be seen to because singing was becoming very painful! Thank you God for sorting me out!!!!

photo (7)

Also this week, I have been out on two evenings at some groups; one is on a Tuesday and I was helping alongside other leaders to entertain a large group of infants and juniors who come for some craft, games, songs and bible teaching. Some of the children are not from a church background so seeing them interested in the songs and teaching is particularly exciting! I am looking forward to helping there again next week!

The second was the youth discipleship group which happens once a fortnight on a Wednesday night. The group is made up of some of the youth from Billiercay Baptist Church and also Christ Church. On Wednesday night there were 11 young people, including myself, who are really keen to deepen their relationship with Jesus. We looked at being courageous and we prayed for each other as most are at school and college and they face difficult times where they have to decide whether to fit in with the crowd or to be like Jesus. I felt challenged about whether I accept people regardless of what they look like, their abilities or their popularity and it helped me to realise that EVERYONE needs God’s love even though some people feel hard to reach out to.

Back in the office, we have been busy rehearsing for the next month where we have some work in schools, camps and churches. Learning new songs can often be very hard work but also very fun! Please pray for me as I have to remember a large set list ready for our worship events that are coming up.

We have also been writing some songs; two new songs are on the way! Exciting moments when you find a line that fits to the music or discover a new melody!!



This weekend I am having the chance to relax but also to get involved with some of the activities which are happening at the Perry Street church. Tonight they are holding a Safari Supper for the youth, where we will be going to have different courses of our meal at different places. Tomorrow there are three young people getting baptised in the evening service which I will go to to support them, and I am looking forward to having the youth band lead us in worship again, especially after last months service!


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