#The Noise Arts Festival

Last week we spent the week in the schools around the Thundersley area, promoting the Arts festival which is happening this half term.

The festival has so many different activities and events going on throughout the week which are open for all ages. It’s brilliant for us as Taste to be able to mix with both Christians and non Christians who are attending and to be able to share a bit about what we are doing whilst on this year on the road.

Monday began by us girls splitting up from the boys and helping out at the messy play session in the morning. There were children and parents filling the room, taking part in the painting, sticking, colouring and playing. We were looking at the story of Noah and the Ark and so the craft and stories were animal themed. We were able to chat to some of the parents too.

The afternoon was spent at Art in the village. Due to the weather being bad, we had to move it from happening in the local school playground to the church. It meant that we were warm and dry!! There was more craft, circus skills, games and then the additional live music from Taste! We performed an acoustic set as background music whilst the other activities were going on.


After a lovely meal with Dave and Beth Turner, we had the pleasure of being the support band for comedian and magician John Archer. We hadn’t played in this set up before so we toned it down a bit and played a few songs acoustically. We were able to enjoy a hilarious night full of laughter and a brilliant message at the end of the performance which really made people think about how things can happen even when they seem impossible.


Tuesday had a similar schedule to Monday; we began the day with messy play, continuing to look at the theme of Noah and the Ark. Different faces and more excited children! Art in the village was also very popular; the opinion had been that people were looking for places to go during the holiday which wasn’t outside in the cold and the found our event and wanted to get involved. We played some more of our songs for the audience and got some of the children involved. I spent some time chatting to some of the children and young people who were there.

The Tuesday night entertainment was slightly different to the night before! We were supporting a classical pianist Richard Lewis who is very talented!! Taste helped with being waiters and waitresses during the interval, serving teas, coffees and cake!


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