More fun at The Noise!

7836_591491334245774_1018711224_nThe fun continued as we moved into Wednesday and got involved with even more events. I joined Joy during the morning to help at the cupcake decorating workshop which was happening at the local pub. We took over a section of the pub and set up stations where they could ice and decorate the cupcakes on different tables. We had so many tools and cutters to use, with a large variety of coloured icing. It was my type of thing, getting to decorate and spend time making the cakes look beautiful!


It was great to make another connection to some members of the public who were unfamiliar with church. A few of them had heard about the event through the flyers and through their friends publicising it, and they were keen to improve their cupcake decorating skills.

Candlefest was situated in Kingston Primary School, which was one of the schools we visited last week during our schools week. There were displays around the playground which had been designed so that once the candles were lit, they would illuminate pictures for the children to enjoy. We had to get well wrapped up because it was very cold! The church choir sang a few songs and then we had a fire show which attracted a large audience. He was very clever and the entertainment was great. The turn out to the event was very positive and we were able to see some familiar faces from events which we had been part of previously during the week. Taste even did a cheeky few songs towards the end of the evening!!


Each night this week we have been blessed with spending our dinner times with families from TCC. The food has been amazing and on Monday night we shared pizza with Dave and Beth Turner, Tuesday night we had a lovely meal with my hosts for the week, Dave and Liz Holloway and on Wednesday night we went out to Nick and Karen Matthews’ house for an evening with them.


Thursday was more of a relaxed day for us in Taste; we were not involved with the Noise during Thursday so we took the opportunity to take some of the equipment to be fixed and to spend the day together. My guitar has been playing up recently and so the time had come for me to take it into PMT where they are taking it away for repair. Hopefully things will get sorted and I am praying that it won’t cost too much to repair it! The evening was then spent with a night of good company, fish and chips and me being the champion of Ligretto!!!


On Friday we were involved with some more of the Noise events; during the morning we helped at the drumming workshop which was held in a local pub by someone from Psalm Drummers. He was great at what he did and he delivered the session by talking not only about drums but also about Gods creation. It was a really popular event and they even had to do two sessions to fit everyone in! After we had been to that we joined Joy and some other volunteers at the Photography exhibition and we were able to view some of the competition entries and the prize giving ceremony. The theme this year was Love and people of all ages had participated in taking photographs of something they felt related to the theme. People looked at it from many different angles and it was exciting to see who won but also to chat to some of the people who had turned up to view the exhibition.


On Friday night after a delicious meal at Reece’s host Mary’s, we were the support band again for an evening of comedy. Three comedians performed and some were more of a stand up act, and some were illusionists. The event got everybody together, laughing and sharing fellowship together. There was a good mix of both Christians and non Christians again, and we enjoyed being able to perform but also being able to serve throughout the evening by being voluntary waiters/ waitresses to help the kitchen staff.



Our final two days in The Noise Festival were very busy! Saturday meant us setting up for the services we were taking the next day at TCC, followed by us serving at the Firework night. Set up went well, and we wrapped up warm ready to be stewards at the event that night. The turn out was amazing; so many people came who were really excited to see what activities we had on offer inside the building before and after the fireworks. We had a BBQ and other refreshments on sale, magician Steve Legg attracted a big crowd and entertained people of all ages, there was a bouncy castle, face painting and other games available to enjoy. Our duties were to help with the activities and then to transport all of the people across the road safely to view the firework display. It was a very impressive display and the event had attracted many different people from the area which meant it was a great outreach event. Everybody remained safe and everybody had a great time!



The final day of the Noise week; Sunday. An early start and many services to lead! This final day was what we hoped would attract many people from throughout the week who have been from an un-churched background but have felt that they have been interested through coming to some of the events. We led a service at 9am, 11am and 6:30pm; all with slightly different styles. The 9am service saw us lead worship with some songs such as ‘Give thanks to the Lord’ and ‘10000 Reasons’. Joy spoke to them about Love. We had great feedback from the congregation about the service. Our second service of the day was  family friendly service and was much fuller than the previous one. Knowing this would maybe attract a non Christian audience we planned to do one of our own songs during this service which had been popular during our schools week; Ten Feet Tall. The song connects well with the theme of Love and how we feel when someone is kind to us. We played the number plates game and watched a film clip and reflected on Gods love for us all. Following the service we were able to talk to the congregation whilst sharing a Bring and Share lunch together. I really enjoyed getting to know some of the people from TCC and I am pleased I have had the chance to spend this week building my relationships with them!



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