Home, auditions and spending time with friends.

My last blog was written a fair few weeks ago. Apologies… it has been busy recently! But it does mean I have a lot to share with you all now that I am back!


On the 9th November we were able to have a week off work and travel home to spend the week with our family and friends. I made my way back to Lowestoft on Saturday night and stayed there until the following Friday.

I absolutely loved being back at home. Church at CPCC on Sunday was amazing. I was asked to perform one of our Taste songs at the beginning of the Remembrance service and then to give the church a little update about how I have been getting on since I last saw them. I chose to perform Down and Out; a song about remembering that there is ALWAYS hope and this hope comes from Jesus. I encouraged the congregation to join in with the chorus when I sang ‘There is always hope’ and for me it was really powerful to be able to lead that part of the service as we were going into the Remembrance day silence. I was also invited to join the worship band and so it felt like old times being with Jamie, Donna, Alan, James and not forgetting Matthew on the drums! Not only was I able to spend the morning with great friends at CPCC, but also I visited Aftereights, my youth group during the evening and it meant so much to be able to see everyone and to pray with the young people together!

Spending time throughout the week with my family was ace and we had a good amount of time to catch up together! I even got to see some friends throughout the week too!


Coming back to Essex was hard saying goodbye but I was SO excited about what we had got planned! Getting nearer to Christmas meant we had to get started on practising the Christmas carols we would be needing for our Christmas weekends at both Billericay and Sidcup. Carols are hard enough to play with the music in front of you, but without…. they are slightly tricky! We have been enjoying putting our own Taste spin on them!

We also had an exciting day on Tuesday; we held auditions at the Barn for potential new Taste members that could possibly start in January 2014. We are very excited to be able to announce that we will be joined by Elliemae Hammond who will be helping with some of the technical equipment like the lights and displays. It means I will have a girl friend on team which I am mega excited about!

The rest of the week saw us learning songs, rehearsing, practicing, preparing for the schools week and also spending some time together with some close Taste friends Naomi and Blake. They made us a delicious meal and it was brilliant to have the fellowship together before setting off the following day for a busy week in Manchester.

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