Fun in Sidcup!

Another week closer to Christmas, another weekend away! This weekend we spent time at Sidcup Baptist Church which is Josh’s home church and is pastored by his dad and mum. Not too far away for us to travel to, we set off on Friday ready to begin setting up for the weekend.

We had two events planned; one on Saturday and one on Sunday. However, we were able to be part of a few more and the first one was FROG’s Got Talent on Friday night which was a talent show for their children’s group. Taste helped with the sound, lights and even provided Josh as a judge! Great talent displayed amongst the young people and a very entertaining evening!


During Saturday afternoon the church had organised for there to be a Rooftop seminar led by Den and Amanda who we work with in Viz. It gave us a chance to support them and see what this new organisation was about and how churches could use the process to reach out to those who are lost.



Saturday evening was a bit different for us as we were going to be doing something we have never done before. Andy and Joy had been invited to a wedding and it therefore meant myself, Josh and Reece were going to be doing the evening event without them! We had planned a similar programme to last Saturday’s event at Billericay, but it was different because we had to juggle being on stage and also being techies. Josh rose to the challenge of being in charge and did a brilliant job of directing us. Also, we wouldn’t have been able to manage without the help of Den, Amanda and her husband Mark! They were great at getting stuck in. Another great evening of drama, music, a duet, carols, quizzes and a message from Den. I was slightly disappointed at the number of people that turned up, but I know that God knew who was going to be there that evening and so I hope that He will use what we prepared to speak to those that attended. Of course we missed Andy and Joy, but it was also a good chance to learn how to work together as a three — and what a great team we make!



The plan for Sunday morning was to work with Den again and to lead the morning service at the church. Andy and Joy joined us again and we were back  being a family again ! We looked at the theme of Celebration again and got the children to wave flags and ribbons whilst we cheered and got into the celebration mood. I shared my testimony again as Den interviewed me at the front and again, God used that in a powerful way. It showed that even though things go wrong, we still have a reason to celebrate because we have God! And even though this time of year can be painful for some of us, God still sent His one and only Son to this earth for you and me so that we could have eternal life. Surely that is something to celebrate?!


I was blessed by the service at Sidcup because I was offered prayer at the end by someone on the prayer ministry team and it was very powerful. Also, someone came up to us at the end and thanked us for the service and told us that it was their first week at church and they had really enjoyed it. So exciting that we have impacted lives in this way!


It was brilliant working with Den again and we have the chance to do it again before Christmas. We also got time to spend with Josh and his family over sunday lunch before travelling home. A great weekend with friends!


2013-12 Reconnect + Taste 203

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