An evening at the Royal Diadem

We are slowly getting closer to our final event before Christmas, but our penultimate event of 2013 was something a little different. Along with Den Pethers, Taste were invited to lead a Praise Party with a church in Laindon (close to Basildon where we are based) called the Royal Diadem. The congregation are made up of many different cultures and are used to gospel worship, so us going in and doing things ‘ Tasty style ‘ would mean hopefully they could worship in a different way!

We used the theme of Celebration again for this event. As an introduction to the evening Den asked them to act as if they were celebrating; they were cheering, shouting, waving their arms in the air you name it! We really wanted to them to get into the mind of celebration during the worship. For the final time this year we sang Christmas carols such as O Little Town of Bethlehem and Joy To The World. There was a real sense of God there in the room with us. Along with the carols we also sang some worship songs and invited them to praise and celebrate.


Reece shared his testimony, there was a drama from Josh and Reece and Den shared a message looking at the story of the Prodigal son. How amazing is it that when that son was a long way off, his father still went and looked for him and welcomed him back into his arms. The best present that you could give someone this Christmas is to tell them about Jesus. They can be welcomed into our Heavenly Father’s arms just like the Prodigal son! All it can take is a conversation and someones life could change forever this Christmas.


Myself and Josh performed our duet again together and we used it as a time of reflection. At the end of the evening the pastor came to the front and got the church to pray for us all. It was lovely to see how they are all behind us and what we are doing in our ministry.

2013-12 Reconnect + Taste 195

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