Countdown to Christmas

My two final days working in 2013 have been busy ones! But so much fun!


This weekend I had the privilege of being able to be part of Billericay Baptist Church’s youth band. We had been asked to lead the service on Sunday morning. The service was a nativity service with the Kingdom Kids getting involved by dressing up and with us as the band slotting in carols at the appropriate time in the story. We had decided to change the carols slightly… making them more upbeat and experimenting with our creativity! ‘ We Three Kings’ sounded quite similar to ‘Another One Bites The Dust’ !! Great fun! It also gave me the chance to spend time with the youth and to get to know them even better. And what a great bunch they are!


_DSC1424_LR _DSC1436_LR

After a brilliant service, I jumped on the train and met the rest of thee Tasties along with our new member Elliemae and her boyfriend Sam for a Christmas meal at Andy and Joy’s house. Seriously good food…couldn’t move I ate so much! And great company; we always have such a laugh together! We had to teach Elliemae and Sam the game Ligretto because if Elliemae is joining our team, it’s a necessity of course!


The evening was spent with Thundersley Congregational Church; they had a Christmas service where Joy, Andy, Josh and Reece were all involved. I got the chance to see them play, see my mentor Beth and spend time with some of the youth there. We also had  after church together as the young people and discussed Christmas and got a present! Was a really good time together.

“My Lighthouse, my Lighthouse, shining in the darkness, I will follow You”


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