Shine! From the inside out!

This morning we had a very early start… we haven’t had one this early since the schools week in Manchester so it was a bit of a shock to the system! Myself and Reece had stayed at Joy and Andy’s house overnight and so we went and picked up Josh at 6:30 ready to be in Basildon for 6:45. We were working with Ed Jones and Laura Keel from Arise Ministries, holding an event for the children in the area.


Set up seems to fly by; lots of leads, plugs and sound checking. The children started arriving at 9:45 ready for a 10am start. We began the event with ‘Side by Side’; getting them to join in with the dance moves and to clap along. For the rest of the event we did children’s worship songs; I put down my guitar and was responsible for showing them all the actions! We had about 35 children come, who were then separated into age groups between the ages of 5-11; the Red Robins, Blue Baubles and the Shining Stars. Taste were in charge of one of the activities which happened half way through the morning. The groups would rotate between a craft, a game and a discussion. We were helping to lead the game involving boiler suits and balloons! Just our cup of tea!


One of the worship songs we sang was ‘Light Of The World’. When we stepped back away from the mics and listened to the children singing, it was so great to hear their voices singing.



Our final event of 2013 and how rewarding is that!?! To know that we have shared the real meaning of Christmas and hopefully have impacted these children’s lives!


After our (very speedy) pack down, we headed home and had to say our goodbyes. Today is our last day working before we come back January 14th. I will be travelling to spend Christmas with my family and hopefully will see a lot of people back at home during the 3 weeks we have off. I will miss my Tasties though!!


And how exciting….we have Elliemae joining us when we return!


Thank you for supporting me through these first few months of Taste. Our calendar is very quickly filling up and I can’t wait to get going in January and to go on mission to some of the places we have scheduled!

Have a brilliant Christmas everybody.



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