Lynn Grove High School!

Here was the beginning of the Gorleston mission week! Our first stop was Lynn Grove High School; a school familiar to me as I know a few from church groups who have been through that school. Andy and Joy are friends with Stuart King who is a RSE teacher at the school and he had been keen to get us into the school to teach some lessons and get to know the students.

We arrived very early on Monday morning to set up with the help of the lovely Dan and Ruth Witheridge and Ali Roberts. Extra hands for unloading is always much appreciated, especially early in the morning when we’re still not quite awake! We had to have a speedy set up because we were expected to be ready for an assembly.

Throughout the two days that we were there for, we had been asked to prepare some lessons which are based on the topics that the GSCE years have been studying for their course. This was different for us because we have so far this year focussed on a few lessons which we have practised and done a few times in different schools! Josh, Reece and I took a topic each and shared our views of what Christians believe on the topics, and also shared a bit of our testimony with them about how we have been affected around these topics! We got a really good response and the year 11s were really listening to what we had to say! I shared about how money isn’t everything and everything we have comes from God! God provides us with the money we have and we should give that back to Him as a thankyou! I shared about how I was supported in order to be able to do this year with Taste and how amazing the gifts from my church have been. I think they were surprised at how people had given that amount of money to be just through believing that what I am doing is to do Gods work!



Another lesson we had during Monday was a year 10 GCSE music lesson. This lesson was double the length of the previous lessons, but it was brilliant in enabling us to have more time to get to know the group better and to hear them perform! We showed them what it is like to perform as a band, told them a bit about ourselves, how we perform and then asked them to show us anything they had got! As part of their course they had been asked to form bands within the class so they were able to come up on stage and show us some songs they had been rehearsing for their coursework. We were so blown away with the gifts that were being shown in the class! They had a lot of confidence and talent!


We were able to leave our gear up overnight and head off to the Quinns’ house for dinner which was a brilliant end to a good first day!



On Tuesday we didn’t have such an early start because we had already been set up from the day before. Tuesday saw similar lessons to the day before; we had another year 11 lesson where we spoke to them about the topics they were learning about. We also had a similar lesson with year 10 GCSE students where we were asked to look at Conflict. Josh shared a testimony about a situation with someone at school and how he knew he needed to forgive that person. We also had another music lesson, this time seeing the year 11 GCSE music class. A larger group of very talented people again came in and after a bit of hesitancy we managed to get a few of the groups up to perform their songs. They did covers of other bands stuff but some groups made them really unique. We were able to critique judging on how confident they looked on stage, and helped with how they should stand, interact with the audience and also showed them how background images/videos and lighting can make the world of difference to a performance. Elliemae and Joy were great at demonstrating to them… creating band name logos for them as they were singing and Josh worked wonders as the lighting man!


At lunchtime we had been asked to be part of their radio show. Lynn Grove have their own radio station within the school and so they took this opportunity to air some of our songs! Some of us had already been interviewed the day before but during lunchtime we had been asked to perform two songs alongside one of the school bands eleMental. The turn out was AMAZING, the school hall was packed and they all really cheered and got involved when Taste went on stage to perform! We were so happy with the response, particularly as not many of the students had come into contact with us during such a small amount of time that we had been there for.


We unfortunately were only able to be in Lynn Grove for two days so by the end of Tuesday afternoon it was time to pack the equipment down again and to load up Bolt ready to head off for our tea and to have a good nights sleep!

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