More fun in Gorleston

We had a day off schools work and instead worked with Identity in a different way on Wednesday. Identity Youth Project is a project which connects some of the churches in the area of Gorleston together by offering them youth activities and events. Our support for our mission week was shown throughout all four churches and we were really grateful for their prayers and support leading up to the week and also during the week. On Wednesday evening we had an event planned which would get all of the churches together who had been supporting us. The idea was for them to see what kind of things we do in schools so they could pray for us.


The weather was very bad on Wednesday afternoon. We met Joy and Andy at the church with Ruth after we had been to hers for a training session during the morning. When we arrived the wind was really picking up and the rain was starting and there was a weather warning for that evening so we were slightly concerned about the safety of the church! As we began setting up it sounded like the wind was really picking up and suddenly we heard some loud noises which sounded like they were coming from the roof of the church. The church warden was concerned in terms of health and safety and warned us that if there wasn’t any improvement that the event would need to be called off. We were nearly set up by this point so we quickly prayed together that God would use us that evening in a way that He had planned and we gave the situation to God.

After a little while the wind began to die down and the weather warning went from red to amber which was a real answer to prayer! Not only were we supposed to be doing this ‘Taste of Taste’ event but we were also going to be doing the worship for the Messy Church that meets at St Andrews church. They came through and we encouraged them to join in with some children’s songs; I was the action girl again, showing them how to do the actions to Our God is a Great Big God and a few other songs! They loved it and I was amazed at the amount of children and parents that had turned out on such a horrible night.

The event in the evening  wasn’t called off and so after our tea with the Messy Church, we were able to continue with our churches together event. A great turn out from so many different churches in Gorleston and Great Yarmouth! Thank you to all that came! The idea was to lead some worship songs, to show them all how we teach a lesson in schools and then to pray together for the rest of the mission week. We did our number plates lesson; I modelled the personalised numberplate while Josh asked the audience what price they thought it would cost. We had a range of answers and the idea was to show them that these number plates were unique because only one person can have the numberplate. We teach that God has made us unique; we can see that from our fingerprints , tongue prints, the pattern in our eyes. We then performed a Taste songs ‘Got A Reason’ and ‘ Hold Me’ which gave them a ‘Taster’ of what our songs are like too. The evening finished off with some more worship songs and some prayer activities around the church. It was a brilliant evening event and I felt really  supported by people in the area and encouraged that people had decided to turn out on that Wednesday evening.

It was another evening where we had to pack down and load quickly before we had  to head home to get in a good nights sleep before another school day early start the next day. We had a brilliant team of willing helpers who carted some of our stuff through the church and we appreciated their help!!!!


5:15 the alarm went off and me and Elliemae struggled to get out of bed but we made it in time to be picked up at 6:25 and off we went to Cliff Park High School! We arrived and began to unload with the help of some very special friends again! This school has been a school that Andy and Joy have been trying to get into for many years but there has always been a reason why it hasn’t happened and so we jumped at the opportunity to go in for just one day so they could see what we were about and experience us! When we began setting up we were told that we were going to be in the way for the assembly which was happening first thing with the year 10s. The teacher needed space for a dance performance and to be able to use their screen and projector. This concerned us because we were thinking we may be in the way! However, she had heard about us coming in and offered us the opportunity to take their assembly instead! It was a brilliant offer as it meant we were able to see another year group during that day! There was a large crowd that gathered outside the hall as we were sound checking and the year 10s seemed delighted to have us taking their assembly. Though it was short, it meant we could perform two of our songs and to tell them about what events were planned for the weekend that Identity had organised.

Another obstacle that had risen was that there was going to be a dance exam in the hall we were set up in during our first two lessons of the day. This meant that the hall was out of bounds and so after the assembly we had to quickly going to a classroom and set up an acoustic set ready to take our first two lessons in the classroom. The first lesson was year 7s; they were well up for it! Though there was a few technical hitches, we managed to sort things out and the teacher was pleased with what we taught on. It was strange for me because I didn’t play guitar during these acoustic lessons which meant that I was having to sing and not play for the first time this year! It felt strange not having my guitar on me! It was good to see a few familiar faces in the year 7 lesson as there were some people from my church who go to that school. The second lesson was year 8s; the friends game went down a treat in the classroom lessons! It was my second time of doing it in a lesson so I was slightly nervous but the pupils were up for being involved! We were thanked by the staff for what we brought to the lesson so it was encouraging to hear that!


After break we were able to be back in the hall so we moved our few pieces of equipment over to the hall and mingled with some of the students during break time. I got to see two very special friends Esther and Saskia during break time and they were really excited to hear about how our first lessons had gone! Our third lesson of the day was going to be a year 7 assembly… an assembly in the form of a lesson. We had the whole of year 7 in the hall for an hour. They were a great bunch of young people! Myself and Josh led the adverts quiz with a girls team and a boys team. The girls team won! We then talked about what our influences are in our lives and it was interesting to hear about what they felt their influences were in their lives as their go through school. One of the favourite songs of the school was Ten Feel Tall… the year 7s in particular loved raising their arms and yelling ‘TEN FEET TALL’ during the chorus!

Our fourth lesson of the day was with one of the schools’ ‘Nurture groups’. They were a bunch of really cool year 7 guys and girls who basically needed a little bit more support as they go through school for different reasons. There was only about 10 of them and we were going to be having them for both period 4 and 5 during the day. A fantastic opportunity to get to know them really well and to show an interest in them. We planned to get to know their names and interests, do a few acoustic songs with them and then to give them the chance to try and play some of our instruments. There were a few keen drummers in the group who jumped at the chance to play along with Reece after he had shown them around the drum kit!

Lunch time came and we began by speaking to some of the students in the lunch hall. The hall that we were set up in was doubled up as a lunch hall which meant we could be with our gear and get talking! A lot of the other years were a bit disappointed that Taste weren’t going to be taking their lessons that day; in particular some of the year 9s! We checked with the teachers and got the ‘OK’ to be able to do some songs during their lunch break so that no one felt left out. We got such a good response from the audience again! Another great lunch time set! Both lunch time performances this week had been brilliant!


Our final lesson of the day was with the Nurture Group again. This time Josh showed them some skills on the electric guitar; showing them the different sounds the effects can make and then letting a few of them have a go on his guitar with him showing them the chord of ‘E’. Finally, after a song from us, they were treated to being shown around the tech desk with Joy and Elliemae!  They were very interested in the toys that the girls have at the back! Joy demonstrated how she controls the sounds; making her voice go either high or low, with delays or without delays and adjusting the volumes of different instruments and microphones. The students loved having a go at speaking down the microphone while Joy changed the settings for them. Elliemae then got to show them about her visuals; the videos, the slides and the lights. They each took it in turns to change the light settings and Reece got on the drums to play a drum beat where they then had to match the rhythm of the lights to be in time with his drums. A very talented group we had there! They rose to the challenge brilliantly! Finally we performed one last song and this gave them the chance to use what they had learnt to change how our performance looked. They asked for us to do Freerunner because they liked the video which plays behind the song. They were given the chance to control when the video started, the lights and the sound. A perfect opportunity for them to play on the ‘toys’!

For a first day in a new school it had been fantastic. We had so many answers to prayer and we were able to pack down and find out that the Headteacher had heard brilliant things about us and they thanked us for giving the school a different atmosphere and vibe whilst we were present. How exciting! Lets pray that it affected the school spiritually and that they want more of us next time!


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