A quick trip to Bradford

Finally the time had come for us to travel to Reece’s home town, Bradford in Yorkshire! We had met everyone elses families and been to their hometowns so far this year apart from the Dixons and it was exciting to get the chance to meet them!

We left Yarmouth at around 3pm on Friday afternoon and travelled straight up North to (cold!!) Yorkshire!

On Saturday we were able to go to the church and to set up our equipment ready for the service we were due to be leading the next day. It gave us a chance to rehearse and experience the church that Reece has been brought up in. It was a lovely building but Bradford was very windy and cold! Unloading wasn’t very fun!

After the set up we were given a really lovely afternoon and evening with the Jacob family; close friends of Reece and his family. We chilled out with the family and during the evening we were given the chance to relax with the wider family over a chinese; hearing about many stories about the things Reece has been up to!!


Sunday morning was a brilliant morning. We were going to be leading two services. The first one was a slightly shorter one which was a Communion Service. Andy interviewed Reece during the service and he told the church how he was getting on in Taste this year. The second service we looked at Unconditional love and the story of the Prodigal Son again. This time it was my turn to share my testimony about how I was let down by love that I trusted. I shared that I have found there is a love that I can trust and it is Gods love; he’s a Father with Unconditional Love who won’t go away from me. It was tough sharing that morning but I was really encouraged by the comments that some of the congregation shared with me afterwards.

We made some great friends that weekend and it was good to share that time with them. We left quickly at lunchtime and headed even further up North towards Scotland ready for the week ahead.

However; I was feeling a little bit down after sharing my testimony and I was TOTALLY blessed on the journey to Scotland.

We arrived at a service station in Weatherby several miles from Bradford for a quick loo break and coffee stop. I wasn’t intending on getting out of the van but there was no guarantee when we would be stopping again so I decided I may aswell get out! I was walking towards the loos in the service station and looked up to see my MUM running towards me with her arms wide open. I thought I was dreaming, it was incredible. Who would have thought that my mum, who is supposed to be 4 hours away in Lowestoft, was going to be in the same place as me at that same time. I think the people in the service station were abit stunned because of the noise that came from the both of us as we realised what had happened! It was totally a God moment. Things like that prove to me that God is real and He really cares about me! I needed that hug from my mum and it was given to me! Amazing.



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