GREAT Yarmouth!

It was time to head back up the A12 towards Great Yarmouth for another week close to home in sunny Norfolk. This week we were working alongside Unite (East Norfolk Youth For Christ) and Taste were returning to a school where they have been for the past 5 years. When we arrived both the teachers and students seemed really pleased to see us again; our schools weeks in the past have gone down really well.

This week the timetable was looking a little different to our previous schools weeks. When Taste visit GYHS we are given a mixture of lessons; some where we see half of a year, some where we see a handful of pupils. In our lessons with small groups we were given groups who were interested in music or groups who deserved a bit of a treat! Throughout the week we managed to see some choir groups and do some music workshops with them, some keen guitarists and drummers who showed us a thing or to! It was a great opportunity whilst seeing these groups to be able to build more personal relationships with them. In our larger lessons we did some of our normal lessons such as the friends lesson and our definitions lessons. I was given the chance to lead some parts of the lessons for the first time during the week which was cool.



I loved hanging around with the young people during break time and lunchtimes. We spoke to lots of them and we were anticipating a large turn out on the Thursday night for the concert. In previous years Yarmouth High has been promising for good turn outs at the gig; they seem very popular!

We weren’t wrong! by about 6;45 there were a lot of excited people outside the doors waiting to get in! By the time we had finished our first song at 7:05 we had a full hall and they had counted roughly 125 had turned up to see us! Amazing!

For the first time tonight Reece was sharing the message; the students had taken a particular shine to him this week and it was great that they were really listening to him as he told them about the gospel. One girl even told the whole hall to be quiet because it wasnt showing Reece respect and she wanted to listen!



It felt quite strange having the concert on the Thursday night because it meant we had a school day the next day! But it did spare us from packing away straight after a concert. Friday morning we were blessed by the people who had seen us the night before and it was great to continue with those relationships during our final day in the school. There were even tears as we began to pack away at lunchtime because they didnt want us to leave! It was a brilliant week and I felt so blessed as I left that school because of how great the week had gone.




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