Spring Harvest, Minehead

After a week off back at home in Lowestoft, I came back to Essex ready in time for a week down in Minehead for Spring Harvest. We had been asked to be part of the All Age worship team which was really exciting!

It was an early start on Monday morning because we had to be down south as soon as possible. The first event of the week was scheduled for Monday afternoon so we arrived, got signed in and then started unloading in our venue, ‘The Crazy Horse’. We only had to set up our instruments as they already had a PA system and technician in the venue, which was nice and relatively easy for us! The way that the week was going to work was that we were going to do 2 All Age services for an hour each, every night.

During our programme, there were many treats in store! We began the hour with a bit of a warm up called ‘Lion Dancing’ led by our fabulous Sarah in the lion costume. Then, there was ‘celebrity scales’ which was where one of the team (they used Josh, Reece and Andy over the course of the week) came on stage and stood on the scales which had celebrity names on and they saw what celebrity they weighed the same as. A great way for the audience to get to know the boys! Taste led the worship during the evening and we also had the chance to do a Taste song every night. Another interesting item in the programme was the pantomime! Reece, Josh and Andy had been asked to get out their acting skills and grab their frocks to perform each night in a pantomime which linked to the theme of the evening. The puppets made an appearance and there was also some really amazing response times after the talks which saw several children give their lives to Jesus.



Tuesday morning was interesting! We had been asked to go to The Big Start in the Big Top at 8am to prepare for our appearance on the stage dressed in our costumes for the childrens song. They write a new childrens song every year and with it comes actions; we were asked to go onto the stage to show the audience the actions. I had been given the lovely task of wearing the lion outfit! It was so difficult trying to dance without being able to see anything! But how cool was that?! We were on the main stage at Spring Harvest!! Even though noone  could tell it was us!


Every morning as also had the chance to go to some seminars; Reece, Elliemae and I decided to go to the Culture seminar stream run by Sheridan Voysey and Bex Lewis. Each day we looked at how God was portrayed in media, how we should express our faith on social media sites and looked at other things. It was also great to get to know Sheridan and Bex who are lovely people!!



On Wednesday afternoon Steve Legg, who was running the All Age celebrations with his wife Bekah Legg, was doing a matinee and invited us to perform a song in the middle of his show. He had about 300 people turn up to the matinee which meant we performed to a big crowd! They seemed to really enjoy our acoustic version of Got A Reason. Steves show was also incredible and really funny!

Another opportunity was given to us on Wednesday night which was a complete surprise! Cathy Burton had been leading the worship in the Big Top each day and we had also gone to see her in concert on the Monday night, but her concert was cut short because she wasnt very well and was really badly losing her voice. Her concert on the Wednesday night, Joy had found out, was cancelled because she was really unwell, so the opportunity came up for us to perform during the evening in the Skyline! We set up straight after our final All Age service and got ready on the stage to do an acoustic set. It was such a good experience! The sound was bouncing all around the Skyline so loads of people could hear our music.



Throughout the week it was really exciting what God was doing in the All Age celebrations. During the response times, several families went up for prayer together and some individual children went up to ask to make a commitment. I loved being part of the All Age Team for Spring Harvest and I hope that our All Age celebrations will have touched the lives of all of those who came.



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