A training week with Oak Grove Chapel, Norwich

After BA we went straight to Norwich for the week. Andy and Joy were going to be going on retreat, so myself, Josh and Reece were spending the week with the team at Oak Grove Chapel. We had loads of different events that we were going to be involved with, alongside several really good training sessions from Ang Fox and Darren Woodward.

Here’s some of the other stuff we got up to:



Fresh Beat is a drumming workshop that the church run on a Tuesday after school, by Peter Young. We were invited to be part of it, to encourage the children but also help by teaching them. They had a great turn out; many of them knew each other from school or from previous times at the club. They also could achieve certificates for moving up and getting better at some of the challenges that were set for them. We also got them working together as a team which was great fun.



Every Tuesday night the church put on an evening where they serve the people in the community who are less fortunate. They have people who come and regularly are served meals or collect food parcels from them. I felt it was quite a challenging evening to have to see people in that situation and I think it really opens your eyes to see how much you take for granted when you know you can go home to a meal at the end of the day! Reece and I were on the door, greeting people and handing out the tickets for their meals. The hall was pretty much full as people came and went throughout the couple of hours that it was open for. It was a brilliant experience for us to be able to be part of something which will be making such a massive difference to peoples’ lives.




We went with Peter on Wednesday lunch time along to their ‘Holy Potato’ lunch club at one of the local high schools, Sewell Park. Games, chat and a God slot was a great way to get to know the kids that were there. There was a mixture of girls and boys and we played games with them and spent time with them before just discussing ‘Luck’. They were a bunch with loads of questions and previously in other sessions they have been asking quite challenging questions about ‘things that we look at’  and other related things.


CAFE 55:

On Thursday we were helping at Cafe 55 which was an outreach cafe which usually has quizzes and a guest speaker who comes to chat to the group. We were able to get alongside the groups and help with the quizzes; I had a lovely group of older ladies who appreciated my contributions to the quizzes… they also were convinced that Josh and Reece were cheating and stealing our answers! Unfortunately we had to leave before the speaker came as we had to move on to our next event.



We went along with Chris to Catton Grove Primary school to help lead their after school club on Thursday afternoon. Chris had asked us to lead some games and then to do a God slot at the end of the club. We had a few games up our sleeves such as dodgeball, wink murder. Reece then led the Friends Game and they loved it! Josh came out of the Friends Game and talked to them a little bit about how much God loves us, knows us and He is the perfect friend. They were listening really well. After a few more games we ended on ‘Pie or no pie’… Three cardboard boxes, two full with shaving foam and plates, the other with a chocolate bar in it. The children had to choose 3 of the leaders they wanted to have to play. Fortunately I wasn’t chosen! The boys had to choose a box and Josh was the safe one with the one with the chocolate in, but poor Reece had to be pied in the face– that’s the second time I have seen him pied this year!



The final event that we were asked to be involved with was Coffee Stop on Friday morning. It was also our final event before we headed back home. On Friday morning we arrived and mingled with the people who were coming for the coffee morning.  There was a mixture of children and adults. There was also lots of delicious cake! We had a final catch up with some of the people we had been working with throughout the week. It was a great way to finish the week in Norwich!




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