A few days at The Billericay School

On Tuesday night we had to pack everything up at Mayflower ready for Wednesday morning where we would be heading over to The Billericay School. We had the pleasure of spending Wednesday-Friday in this lovely school, meeting even more Billericay pupils and teaching more RE lessons.


We had been given another classroom for these few days which was situated quite far away from a lot of the other classrooms. It did mean that we didn’t have to use a lift this time! And because we were far away from other teaching areas we could crank up the volume!!


Over the course of the three days we didn’t have a massive amount of lessons, unlike what we were able to have at Mayflower, but we really enjoyed the lessons we had at Billericay School. We were joined by some more members of Schools Ministry Billericay – Ray and Rob and then Gary and Ruth who had joined us in the previous school. It was great having them get involved and they even joined in with ‘Sitting on the fence’ which was very amusing (and encouraging for the young people!!!).


The students in this school were buzzing to have us there. The classes we took were great and they seemed to really enjoy themselves and listen to what we had to say. It was really exciting, just after the first day how we had noticed that they were responding in such a positive way.

img_2680 (1)

Taste have worked in this school previously and one of the teachers infact, not a Christian, bought one of our albums from us! The staff seem pleased with what we brought them this week and have suggested that they would like to see us again. We also got to see classes who hadn’t previously seen Taste before, which was pretty positive seeing as we hopefully will be impacting a lot more students by seeing new ones each time!

A lot to thank God for!

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