Fun in the park!


The day had come for us to set up in Lake Meadows in Billericay ready for Fun in the park! We were going to be performing on the stage in several sets throughout the afternoon.

The park was set up with lots of things; there was a climbing wall, inflatables, spinning cups and other tents such as a prayer tent and street pastors tent. The morning was looking really good weather and it was warm and sunny. We set up so myself, Andy and Josh were out on the stage and Elliemae and Reece were on stage inside the marquee.

We were a little bit worried when we saw some clouds coming over head. They were looking a bit too dark for our liking!


We started our first set and it was great! The park was really filling up and people were coming and sitting to listen to us! We even had some of the people from the schools who came and joined in with our songs!

There was also an illusionist called Mark Shortland who came and performed on stage. We started our second set after he had finished and unfortunately we didn’t manage to finish it because the rain started and we had to stop to cover our equipment and protect it from getting damaged. The rain was quite heavy but it didn’t mean that everyone left, there were still people milling around enjoying the afternoon in the rain!


Unfortunately the next time the illusionist came on stage, he slipped over and hurt himself which meant that he had to cut his stay short. We had to rearrange because we were unable to step outside with any gear as it was raining still.


We stepped in and performed some more of our songs, which was an odd feeling as due to having to rearrange, I was singing and playing guitar behind the drum kit!

At 4pm we started our worship time where we did a selection of worship songs. There was a crowd of people who stayed and worshipped with us. We then had a time of us sharing testimonies about how we have found friends in Jesus. I talked about how Jesus has been my friend through the hard times and how I have gotten closer to him throughout this past year. We each shared a testimony and we had a few really great comments about how they had touched some peoples lives on that afternoon. We finished the evening by singing Amazing Grace which was really powerful.


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