We remember Blackbourne forever!

A quick turn around for us; got home from Solid, chucked my clothes in the wash, tried to catch up on sleep and then we headed on the road on the Monday to Bury St Edmunds where we had been invited to spend tuesday-friday in Blackbourne Middle School for their final week at that school before it closed.

It was a slightly different schools week than the ones we had been part of previously. Due to their school closing down, we were asked to come in and to help them write a song in memory of the school! Some of the year 8 students had come up with a rough idea of a really good song!

We were working with a core group throughout the week who were a mixture of year 7s and 8s who had been selected and would be working on the song with us. We began by writing the verses so we split into groups and came up with some lines which could be used. They were full of ideas; I was working with a group of girls who came up with some really good stuff. Later that day, Taste recorded a ‘guide’ track so that we had the order of the song and a rough idea of the finished lyrics complete.

The song was beginning to sound really good! The next challenge was to start to record the pupils. We held a mini set of auditions where the core group could sing either alone or in a group, and we could see who the stronger singers were and who would be willing to perform the song both on the track but also performing it live in an assembly. It was really fun doing it that way; Josh hosted, Reece Elliemae and I were judges and we all had the big task of choosing some singers! All of the core group were going to feature on the song because we recorded the whole group singing the chorus. We had 2 solo singers for the beginning and end of the song, and the 2 verses had 3 singers.

After we had recorded that, we got each year group in one at a time and set up the recording mics again, ready for them to sing the chorus. By the end of this, we had the whole school recorded and on the track! It sounded really good (by this time, the song was planted in our heads and to this day we can all remember it off by heart!!).


Friday was our final day in the school and it was performing day! We had to move our equipment into the school hall rather than the drama studio were we were based during the week, so that we could fit the whole school in for our assembly. Not only were the core group going to be performing, but we had also been asked to do a Taste concert as part of their afternoon. So we performed our songs, and then invited the core group onto the stage for a final performance of their song. We encouraged them to incorporate clapping and a bit of swaying into the ‘routine’. The whole school loved it so much that they asked us to do it again! We got everyone in the school involved and some of the teachers and pupils were looking a bit teary eyed!


I really enjoyed that week in Bury, we had a great host family that we stayed with, it was our last ever schools week with the team and the church were really accepting of us in the youth groups and church service that we did! It was a brilliant way to go out with! Thanks Bury St Eds!

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