Lots of fun at Livit!

Our penultimate event of the year was a special one! We travelled to North Yorkshire to a place called Holly Bush Farm for a week of camping, worship, teaching and fun!

Taste have done Livit Camp for several years now, and each year they are really expectant of God moving amongst the campers. It was a really long journey heading up there, it took us nearly 9 hours! It was also beautiful weather which we were mega pleased about because this was pretty much the only event of the year that we would be camping for! I was sharing a tent with Elliemae; we successfully constructed the tent!!!!


We had a venue which we could do with it as we wished! So after putting our tents up and having tea with some of the other camp leaders, we began setting up our venue. We had lights, the sanctuary, you name it, it was in there! By lunch time on Saturday we had completed the task of setting up and we were really excited to get to meet the campers when they arrived.


Each day there would be different activities happening but we would have 2 ‘meetings’ per day which included worship, teaching, response but also some games and small group work.

On the first night, Saturday, we did a mini Taste concert! It was so fun to do with the young people there and they were jumping up and down to all our songs. I remember it was VERY hot in there that night!! Some of the young people even came to see the concert in their onesies!!



The morning sessions we looked at who God is. Omnipotent, Omniscient and Omnipresent. In the evenings we looked at who we are in God. Each session was unique but we saw some incredible movements of the Holy Spirit amongst the young people.

On Sunday we kick started with the ‘Academies’. Each morning we were given an hour and a half to spend with a group of young people who had opted in to do music with us. We split them off into groups and asked them to come up with a song; either writing a new one or using covers of contemporary songs and making them unique.


My group chose to mash up some covers of contemporary songs; there were singers, guitarists, drummers, keyboard players in my group and we had a really good time together putting a song together.

After our morning session with Reece looking at God’s Omnipotence, we had lunch and headed out to compete in the tournaments; volleyball and football. My team, the dolphins, did brilliantly!

The evening session had Leanne leading looking at Grace- how we are given what we don’t deserve! There was an amazing response that night. That morning I had been reading the book ‘God Knows My Name’ by Beth Redman. I had some across a page where it talked about the disappointment she had in her life with an absent father. It really hit me and myself and Joy felt it was right for me to share my testimony that night. So I did and I really felt it was powerful that night. It was obviously a topic which many struggled with and I had the opportunity to pray with a girl who was finding it hard.


The after hours programme was something special! Paul and Steve entertained us like we have never been entertained before!! On Monday night I featured in the programme in an episode of ‘Good Cop Bad Cop’ which involved being handcuffed, with tights over my head, answering any questions which were texted in by the audience. It was an experience!!! But very entertaining!



On Monday morning I spoke in the session about God being Omniscient. I really loved doing that talk! I encluded the Friends Game in it which is one of the components of our lessons, and also a clip from the well known Bruce Almighty.

Monday afternoon the activity was a trip into the local town of Northallerton where we did a leader hunt! Us leaders had the chance to get dressed up in disguises and hide around the high street. I didnt get found for AGES and it then turned out I won with having 2 teams left to find me at the end!



Unfortunately, though Monday was a good day, there was something else going on whilst we were serving which was that Elliemae had become very ill on Sunday night and resulted going to the doctors monday afternoon, followed by the hospital monday evening and then being admitted to hospital on Tuesday. It was a very scary time for her and all of us as we didnt know what was wrong! She was very poorly. We really appreciated everyones prayers whilst this was going on! Her parents and boyfriend managed to make the journey up to north yorkshire on tuesday to be with her and we had to continue serving at Livit without her 😦

In fact, the whole camp was hit by an attack from the devil! We had 4 different people in the hospital that week which really wasnt great BUT we knew that alongside these challenges there was so much that God was doing. There were some amazing testimonies; one young girl even gave her life to Jesus over the dinner table!


It is great to thank God for all he did a Livit and is still doing in the lives of those who were there. I am so excited about meeting those young people again in November at the Livit Reunion and hopefully hearing some great stories!


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