Our final event and some sad goodbyes!


After a week of moving out of the office in Basildon, the time had come for us to do our final event of the year! Unfortunately Elliemae was having to recover at home so we hadn’t seen her since she left Livit Camp on the Tuesday and we were really missing her. 

We spent Monday and Tuesday doing a lot of clearing out at the office, and then Wednesday after a day at the office we jumped in the van and headed to Sidcup. For 2 weeks Sidcup held an event called ‘Lark In The Park’ and we had been asked to be part of it on Thursday. There were several venues; a big top, various marquees with different things available, and a youth marquee which was where we were to be based on thursday afternoon.


We arrived on Thursday morning and we were asked to lead the worship at the team meeting in the morning in the Big Top. It was a great privilege to lead those that were serving that week in worship. It was very warm in there! There was also a talk and we prayed for the team who were working in Free 60, the youth venue. 



In the afternoon we were spending time hanging out with the youth in Free 60. They had a programme that ran throughout the afternoon. We were asked to introduce ourselves and then lead a music worship if anyone was interested. We had about 5 young people who stayed with us, and we went through some of the instruments and let them have a play around with some of the ones they had been on before, and then some of the new ones. 

We then had a quick set up before we did our evening gig! Each night they had a programme open to everyone for them to come and enjoy and on Thursday night it was great that we had been asked to be the entertainment! There were quite a few there that turned up which was brilliant!!! 



This was also our final gig too! 😦 which was very sad as we wouldn’t be playing together again! We only had a short amount of time so we selected a few songs and Reece shared his testimony which, as always, was very powerful. We strummed the final chord and it was over! My first year had come to an end! 



We got back home at midnight and I had to pack my final things at Roger and Sallys on Friday morning as I was also moving out of their house that day! We had a final morning doing work in the office and then met Elliemae at The Harvester (our favourite eating place of the year!!) for our goodbyes. I’m rubbish at goodbyes!!! It was very sad but it was great to reminisce on the year and our favourite places, favourite events and just remember how awesome God has been throughout the whole year. We couldn’t have done it without Him!!! 

Thank you Tasties for an incredible first year with Taste. These guys are my best friends and even family now we have spent so long together!!


The final picture of us Tasties 2013/14

But now… for more excitement as I think about starting my second year. After a short holiday at home and a week at Momentum with some friends I am ready to start with our new team on MONDAY… that’s right, this monday (1st) is when we start with the new team. Very excited to meet everyone and to let everyone at home know what’s going on! 



Thank you for your support in my first year. If you would like to support me in my second year, financially, in prayer or any other way then please contact me! 




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