New beginnings!

I have had a brilliant summer with family and friends back at home and I also went to Momentum which was amazing and God really spoke to me there!


I came back to Essex ready for starting my second year with Taste and we started with the new team on 1st September. It’s a bigger band this year, with 5 volunteers: myself on vocals and guitar, Becky on vocals and guitar, Simon on vocals and guitar, Paul on drums and Matt on keys and the occasional addition of sax!

We jumped straight in with rehearsals and we have been rehearsing for the last 2 weeks ready for our first tour. Some of the songs are sounding pretty different to last year and I’m really enjoying spending more time on lead vocals this year! It means I have to move around and perform more which I’m not so used to!


We had our first event on the 7th September which is The Church in Thundersley. We had done 2 of these services last year with the previous band and for this event on the 7th Josh also joined us and we both vocally led the songs . The new team were great at learning everything and it sounded really good with all of us playing together!! Our first event went really well !


I have been given hosts who I am living with ( currently ) until Christmas. They are great people who I get on really well with and I am really thankful to god that he has provided me with them for this time. This week I have struggled with a cold so I would appreciate your prayers as I still have it and we are going to be singing a lot on the next week!!!

This week we have been practicing hard ready for our first tour to Germany! We are spending a week there in schools and churches and we are all really excited! It’s Paul’s first time abroad!

We are currently traveling and will be making our crossing between 11-12. We are one very excited but slightly nervous team but I’m really expectant that god will do some amazing things this week!

Looking forward to updating you all soon! Thank you for your support.

IMG_4702.JPG IMG_4703.PNG

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