Witham Weekend!

After a week of rehearsals we headed down the road to Witham, Essex for the weekend. Witham URC church had a church weekend where they were not going away, but having the church weekend at home this time. We had been given the opportunity to lead the programme for the young people; there was about 15 of them over the course of the weekend which was great because we were able to get to know them as a smaller group.

We kick started on Saturday morning by leading the All Age worship in our venue, where all the teams were introduced; us as the youth team, Arise as the childrens team and then the adults had a speaker for their venue. After that we had a fun packed programme for the day on Saturday with a mixture of worship, fun and a concert!

The theme for the weekend was ‘Re-imagining church’. Joy, Andy, Josh and I all took strands of that theme and spoke to the young people over the course of the weekend. We looked at our part in the church, the fruits of the spirit, the gifts of the spirit, being a building block in God’s kingdom and taking this message outside the church walls.


We also offered some art, drama and music workshops on Saturday afternoon; an opportunity for the young people to use the gifts that God has given them. We had a lovely group of girls who came and did the art workshop with myself and Joy and we had a lot of fun getting messy with our canvases!

There was also a Witham Youth’s Got Talent on Saturday evening which was great fun to be part of, it was another way of getting to know the young people and I think me, Becky and Simon did pretty well being judges!! After that, we grabbed a quick change and did a Taste concert. It was rather strange doing a concert INFRONT of Josh who had been in Taste with me last year, but we had a nice group for the audience who were dancing around and getting involved!

Sunday was the final day and we were able to go to their church’s service that morning which was nice to be able to worship together and receive together. Our session ran off the back of the service so we headed back to the venue and spent some more time with our group. After lunch was our final session, with Josh speaking. As a response, we broke down the wall we had been building all weekend which contained everyones names, fruits of the spirit and spiritual gifts, and used the bricks to lay a pathway from the cross to the door to signify their response, saying  they wanted to go out and tell everyone about Jesus. It was really significant and the pathway looked really good. Especially when the rest of the church came and joined us again for the final celebration, we were able to show them our creation.

What a weekend! After our speedy pack down, we re-joined some of the congregation who had stayed for an evening service called ‘SHINE’. The worship was great and it was a brilliant end to an amazing weekend.

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