Ciao Germany!

Our final weekend in Germany was spent in Menden. We had been here last month for a week so we were very familiar with the church and the people there which was cool. The event we were part of this weekend was a 24 ( +1 because of the clocks changing) hour ‘Holy Days’ event.

They arrived at 11am on Saturday and we greeted everyone with some games and icebreakers. Some of these young people we had already met during our time here in September.

We had a session where we did a couple of Taste songs and they had a time of input, where Timon led a game which we had to guess whether the video clip was true, or false. It was quite difficult, but it linked into some testimonies about why people believe in God. Paul, Francis and Johannes shared their stories about their experiences of God. I think it was a really special time for everybody during that time. The testimonies were very powerful.


Also, throughout the afternoon we offered different workshops to the group. There was photography, games and we had a band workshop. The idea was that we could have a youth band leading the worship the following morning in the Sunday service. The group we had wanting to do the music workshop was very big! We ended up splitting the group in half, and Simon, Becky and I took the worship band for the morning away so we could practice some songs together. It was useful that they seemed to know a few English worship songs. We had 4 singers and 2 guitarists. I gave them the opportunity to sing, for example, the verses to Light of the world in German, and to sing the chorus in English. However, they were very keen to do it all in English. There was a really good singer who i recognised had a real gift that day! I am hoping she will continue to use her voice for God!


The other half of the group had Paul leading a drumming workshop. They then were encouraged to join us in the service worship and Johannes led them, or should I say, conducted them! He did a great job and the Djembes and Cajons sounded brilliant.

The evening programme was slightly different. We were taken out in groups on a walk and played a game where we had to collect the items on the list. It was things like ‘something white’ ‘something cold’. It was really difficult!! They also played a game where they had to knock down the bottles of water with a ball that was in a pair of tights on your head. Becky did England proud by cheating …. it got everyone cheering for her though!!

The evening worship was led by Johannes and accompanied by Chelsea on drums. Johannes has a brilliant voice, a real gift from God. He begun with some English worship songs, and then did one he had written himself. I had a time of really meeting with God and letting everything out to him. It was a really special evening. After a two week tour it felt really great to be able to spend time with Jesus in that way, reflecting but drawing closer to God. Thank you Johannes for leading us in worship!!


The young people were all sleeping in the church, so we were given a different place to stay… the Kindergarten! It was so cool! Becky and I were given a nap time room, and it had a disco ball! There was a ball pool in Andy and Joys room and I got a little bit stuck in there!


Our final day in Germany was Sunday. We really appreciated the extra hour in bed as it was a really late one Saturday night once the excitement of the glitterball had passed! We had breakfast with everyone at the church and then sound checked with the worship band ready for the church service at 9:45.

One of their favourite Taste songs this week was Just Can’t Take It In. I would be walking around the church and would hear the Germans singing it… I love it when they do that, because a song like that has such an amazing message behind it… God loves us SO much that he would do anything for us, and for that reason we Just Cant Take It In!


The church was pretty full, and the band did a great job singing the English worship songs. I really enjoyed helping them and leading them through that. It was a special morning!

It had come to the time of the week to do our final pack down. It was really emotional saying goodbye! Micah thanked us all over lunch and we got loads of photos and hugged everyone goodbye. After spending two whole weeks with people it is difficult to say goodbye, knowing that I will never probably see them again! Especially our wonderful translator Johannes who did SO much for us this tour. I cried… Andy told me to stop it! We did try to smuggle Johannes back into the van so we could take him to England with us but we weren’t successful 😦


What an AMAZING two weeks we have had. So much to be thankful to God for. Thank you for praying for us. I can’t wait to share more stories with everyone when I see you. God has blessed me so much during my time in germany. I will remember it for the rest of my life!!


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