We love you Iserlohn!

Day one at Face2Faith

It was time for another week with our friends in Germany! We had such a brilliant time in the prison, and this week looked very different to the week before! But it was very exciting to find out what we would be doing.

We had set all our equipment up at the checkpoint and so we were ready to go today for our first day being part of this project. We kickstarted the day with a team meeting at 12 and took some time sharing some experiences we have had over the past week where God has really revealed himself or done something that we have seen. It was so powerful to hear such great testimonies.

Timon shared about our prison experience. He said it was amazing to see how God was working amongst the group. He said he really clicked with three of them in particular, and we had all felt they were very special people. But when it came to Sunday we found out they had abused some of the freedom they get for one night and had consumed alcohol which is forbidden. On Sunday morning they were not allowed to participate in our performance of the song. Timon said that he was shocked they had done it but was so amazed at the way that the other boys took to the stage. He said we had all found it really easy to get along with those particular 3 boys, but God was doing something in the others too.

Joy also shared about a conversation she had had with one of the prisoners. He told her that he could see in our eyes that we had something which he didn’t have, something that he wanted. He said we seemed to be very special people. It was amazing to hear that we had made a difference that week, in ways we hadn’t imagined!

We had lunch over in the LichtBlick with Johannes and then we headed back over to the venue to have some more prep time and get ready for the evening programme.

We opened the doors and by 4:50 the room was getting pretty full, a mixture of young people and slightly older people . We played a game and then Taste did a song of our own, before leading a time of worship and hearing a talk from the speaker who is with us this week. He ended his talk with a rap… Was pretty random but cool!!
I spoke with someone after the service and she said to me about how much of a blessing it was to have us here this week. She said it may seem like on the outside a person isn’t really taking in what we are saying or singing , but on the inside how are we to know what god is doing?! She said we had been a blessing to her and so we should be blessed for doing so. It was a great encouragement for me to hear that after the day , and it inspired me for the rest of the week, for what is to come!


Day 2 at Face2Faith

Every day this week we are spending time at the Lichtblick where they provide people with meals on a daily basis. Our lunches are provided for us there and we met yesterday 3 girls who spoke pretty good English as were up for having a chat and a laugh with us.

After lunch we took the girls back to the checkpoint and gave them the opportunity to sing with our microphones. They seemed to know quite a lot of English/American songs so we encouraged them to and so they did for a few hours!!

Face2faith began at 5pm again, and tonight it was slightly different to any of the other days this week. We had some visitors; some Jews from Israel were visiting Iserlohn and therefore came to see us at face2faith tonight. We had a great experience in hearing some true stories from survivors of the Holocaust. This one particular man, called Alexandar, was just in school when he was taken to the concentration camp. He explained some of the things that happened to him, how he saw his mother and sister be shot, hearing that his father and brother had died in the war. It was an amazing time to hear these stories, actually being translated three ways; Russian to German to English!

It was an interesting evening having Jews amongst us in the congregation. We led the time of worship again ;the worship time was brilliant. From where I was standing there was a whole row of young people in front of me, all worshipping God with their hands in the air. I was able to really enter into a time of feeling close to God.

What an amazing experience, to have people from all different cultures together praising God. The speaker talked about forgiveness and how we have done things wrong but god has forgiven us. As a response they were asked to write some sins down on a stone, and to place it into the jar as an act of giving it to god. It linked nicely into us singing Start Again to finish!

Day 3 at Face2Faith

We had been invited into a school this morning to do a really short gig during one of their break times. We visited this school last year on out trip to Iserlohn so it was quite familiar to me! It was only a half hour slot so we set up acoustic guitars etc ready for an acoustic set.

It seemed to go really well and there were quite a few people who came and saw us. We managed to publicise the week of face2faith and we hope to see some of them at checkpoint this week!

Andy wasn’t very well today so during the afternoon he had to sleep and we entertained some girls from the Lichtblick who seemed very keen, like yesterday to sing along to some pop songs. Rihanna and Adele seem to be favourites!!

The theme for this evening at face2faith was ‘Following Jesus’. Due to Andy not being very well it was very touch and go as to whether he would be ok for the event. The audience was a lot smaller than yesterday but they were really up for interacting with us and joined in really well in Just Can’t Take It In. Our time of worship was really great, we had so much fun celebrating together and it was a really special time with everyone!

I was asked by Timon if I would be up for being interviewed by him tonight about my decision to follow Jesus. Timon asked me the questions in German and Johannes translated them for me in English. It was a weird situation to be in!

He asked me about a little bit of my background and I told him about some of the rubbish things that have happened in my life over the past  2 years. I explained that when things got tough I could have easily followed the crowd and trend to other things to help with the pain. However instead I did the right thing by turning to God to help me through everything. I told him that by doing Taste it has given me the opportunity to speak to other young people who are facing similar troubles in their lives, and to help them realise the best way to get through them is with God.

We sung Freerunner after the talk tonight which connected nicely as we heard about God being with us even though we may fall.

After the event we were discussing the evening with the team. Timon told us about a few conversations he had had with some young people after the event. One of them handed him his lighter and told Timon to take it as he is going to give up smoking. Micah had a conversation with someone who said ‘ do they really believe in all that they are talking about’ ? He said, of course they do!!

It was an incredible evening and it is sad to think there are only a few left! God spoke to many people tonight and it was such an encouragement  to us to hear that.

Day 4 at Face2Faith

Well, the worst happened and Andy was ill after the programme last night, and through the night. We had the morning off for a chance to relax, or in our case, shop!


The evening programme was going to be slightly different tonight because there was a new speaker and there were going to be loads of Konfis coming to join us for the night. We met Storch, the new speaker and found out what he was going to be speaking on.

We also had a random spurt of inspiration and decided that we would learn a new song about 30 mins before the programe began! It is hard for us because we are leading them in worship with English songs, and they don’t always know the songs. One of the songs the Konfis knew was ‘Trading my sorrows’ and so we took to the challenge of doing that for the first time that night. It was fun!! Loads of jumping around!

Natascha, one of the Gap year students who is working for Checkpoint in Iserlohn, shared her story tonight with her sister. They talked about how they had gone through a family break up, but then certain members of their family got ill and things were looking really bad. It was a great testimony to hear how they got through the situations they faced in their life and I think the Konfis will have benefited a lot from hearing their testimony.


This evening, we had a special treat! The boys were staying at Timon’s house this week and we found out pretty early on that they had a BOWLING ALLEY downstairs! So as a treat we went with the team and had a game that evening. It was so much fun to be with everyone and sharing time together.


Day 5 at Face2Faith
Due to Joy going down with the dreaded lurgy in the night, we had a late start which meant me and Becky went shopping (again). After lunch we rehearsed ready for a long evening ahead!

I was concerned that more of us would get the sickness bug. After all, if I got it today, we would maybe have to cancel the gig as they wouldn’t have a singer! 😦 Thank you for your prayers; it was the last that we saw of it and the rest of us got away without getting it! Praise the Lord!
We began the evening with face2faith like every other day. The theme for this evening was ‘celebrate’. We kicked off with the mix dance and led some worship songs, we even taught them Celebrate and I conga-d into the audience which was great fun!

I was so pleased because halfway through the worship, I saw one of the prisoners come in. He had said he was interested in coming tonight and therefore had found a way to get here! It was great to see him there for face2faith and the concert!! Such an answer to prayer!

After face2faith we had a concert. It was the end of the week gig for the mission we had been doing here in Iserlohn. We were pumped and ready to go, with a quick turn around between the two programmes. Some of our friends from Menden had come to join us so it was great to see some familiar faces from last time.

The concert was brilliant. Everyone was jumping around, we really put a lot of energy into the performance tonight! And it was definitely worth while!

It was sad to pack away at the Checkpoint tonight as it’s been our base for the past 2 weeks and we have grown to love it there! But tomorrow morning we head to Menden for a weekend of an event called Holy Days… Hopefully we will see some more people we know there!

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