Back to square one!

I just wanted to give everyone an update of something that is going on at the moment in my life. My health has been something that I know my supporters have been praying for, and so therefore this update may be helpful!


February 2013 I had an operation to try and fix one of my front teeth which hasn’t appeared into position. The idea was that through the operation, they would be able to devise a plan to fix the tooth to the brace and then drag it into position. I knew this would take time and so have been wearing my brace since March’13. I experienced a bit of pain with it last year during my time in Taste because it would often break and cause me discomfort.

In June this year I returned home from my holiday, and during a rehearsal, what they had done in my operation the year before fell out into my mouth. I have no idea how or why, but there was obviously a fault.  It basically meant that what they had done had counted for nothing.


The only solution to this is for me to have the operation again, for them to try and fix the fact that it’s not worked.

Tomorrow I go to the JPH to have my pre-op consultation, ready for my ’round two’ operation on Wednesday 12th November.

I would appreciate your prayers about this. Obviously I am fed up, upset and just generally gutted that this has happened to me. I’m also scared as,  I am pretty scared of the thought of an operation. The last experience was ok, but I know that it is going to be VERY painful.

It’s taking me out of action from a week of mission which I am gutted about. Also, being the lead singer this year, I am concerned as to whether I will be fighting fit ready for the next time we go away. I have roughly a week between the op and a mission week to Manchester. It’s going to be hard to sing, talk and eat!

I would really appreciate anyones prayers over the next month as I go through the operation and recovery process. I know that God is with me through it all. I would love to not have to go through this again and for this to sort it once and for all!

God has a plan for me!

Thanks everyone 🙂

One comment

  1. Thanks Beth, I had seen about you having an op and guessed it was for your tooth again, God is sovereign over all the circumstances in our lives, so leave the timing of everything with Him!
    I hope that it wont be as painful as you fear and that you will know the peace of God as the time gets nearer to the op.
    Keep trusting and its been great to watch your journey with Taste, you shine with the light of the Lord.
    God bless you muchly
    Love and prayers
    Anne xxxx

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