A weekend with Trinity Baptist, and a change of plan!

It was time to get back on the road! After a week of rehearsals, the first week rehearsing since Christmas, we headed into London to Trinity Baptist Church, Norwood for the weekend. We had been invited by Arise Ministries to lead the worship a part of the Church’s Childrens Worship Rally.


We were very excited to be working with Ed Jones, Director of Arise Ministries for the weekend. We arrived at the church, which is a Ghanaian church, whilst they had gospel music blaring through the speakers and the atmosphere was incredible! I knew we were in for a treat that weekend and we hadn’t even begun!!


The Saturday begun with a cooked breakfast with the team as we were blessed with a hotel as accommodation! Thanks TBC! We set up at the church and soundchecked ready for the children to arrive that afternoon. They began arriving from 2pm and we kicked off with some worship and of course, the Mix Dance for them to join in with! These kids ranged between the ages of 3 to 13… they later split off into age groups to look more closely and respond to the teaching that Ed was giving during the sessions.

The theme for the weekend was ‘Overflow’. They spent a lot of time looking at things such as worship, what it means to worship God, why and how we do it. I was blown away by some of the responses they gave… some were talking about making sacrifices to Jesus etc. They had a lot of knowledge for such young children!!

I came away feeling very blessed on the Saturday night; not only had it been a brilliant day with the children, but they had been so hospitable towards us and made us feel very welcome!


Sunday was a slightly earlier start as we had 2 services to do before we left! We started the first service at 9am; again they came in slowly but surely, and they were very charismatic, and got really into the worship!! I think our style was slightly different to what they are used to there, but they looked like they really enjoyed what we brought and they were definitely up for a praise party! We also introduced ourselves and I shared a little bit about what we do as Taste but also a really short version of my testimony and explained why I stayed on for a second year.  After that we sang the song ‘At the cross’ for them to reflect before we moved into a time of teaching. You can watch the videos of the service online!

Click here for the worship we did on Sunday!

Here is me explaining Taste and my testimony and At The Cross… watch from 6:30

We repeated the service so we did it at both 9am and midday, and then had a speedy pack down as they had another load of services coming up that afternoon and needed the church! They helped us loads and then gave us a delicious meal to finish. I loved working with this church this weekend. Each service was packed full of people wanting to get to know Jesus more and to worship him. They have a real heart for the children and young people both in their church and in their local area too which is amazing. They also want us to go back to serve them in a slightly different way later on in the year which is really exciting and I am looking forward to going back!


In other news… Just before Christmas I decided that it was right for me to change my University course for September. I was originally going to do Fine Art and I had got a place at York St John University and was going to start in September this year. However, as last year progressed, I started losing my passion for art and was slightly concerned about why I was feeling that way. I began to pray about it and out of interest looked into whether the Uni I had already got a place at did any other course that I would be interested in. They actually do a Christian Theology course which looks really good, and interestingly in the third year there is a slight creative aspect to the course which means I may even be able to look a bit at Theology and the Arts. I want to still use my artistic talent through everything I do, and think I can hopefully develop it into a way of using it through my ministry more. However, after speaking at events and spending a lot more time preparing talks and studies through my time in Taste, I am excited to say I have changed my course for September! I would appreciate your prayers surrounding that decision, it was a smooth process but there will still be things I have to organise (Student Finance etc) which will be harder to work around seeing as I will be away a lot between now and July!
Thanks for your prayers! It’s exciting to see what God is doing and revealing to me!

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