Next stop, Rugby!

Our next event was up in Rugby at the weekend where we had been invited to be involved with some of the things Rugby Christian Fellowship were doing. Saturday was a travel day and set up day and then Sunday was quite a busy day beginning with 2 services! The church we were working with were the church Andy and Joy went to when they first got married and lived in Rugby for a few years, and therefore knew people from the congregation.


They asked us to lead worship at the 2 services in the morning which was lovely as not only were we involved in that but we could also hear one of their churches missionaries speak about his ministry out in Romania. The first service at 9;15am had slightly more worship and the second service at 11am had quite a lot more children so we included some of the childrens songs we had used at Trinity Baptist the week before! The congregation were so welcoming and encouraging to us that morning which was lovely!

The afternoon was spent at the house of friends of Andy and Joy who had known them when they lived in the area years ago. After a brilliant lunch we headed into Rugby to their Costa Coffee. Each month they hold Sunday Night Live, which is an event which happens all over the country but basically usually involves music and sharing of our faith. As we were in Rugby for that night, they had asked us to be part of this event and so we set up acoustic equipment in the Costa and performed some of our songs for about an hour and a half. The response was great and the cafe was pretty much full!


Also during that evening they had asked for someone to be interviewed by one of the SNL team, which was basically the opportunity to do the ‘God Slot’. I was asked and it gave me another opportunity to share my testimony! I didn’t really know what to expect and how much to say but the interviewer, Bex, said she was just going to see where it took us, and within seconds I was telling everyone my story about the last few years. They all listened intently as I shared and as I finished, I introduced ‘Always’ and explained the meaning behind our new song.

Even when the rain is pouring down
I know you will keep me safe and sound
You will always be with me
If there seems no end in sight
You will be my guiding light
You will always be with me

Everyone was so accepting and encouraging, and after we had finished our set, a young person came up to me and was really open with me about her personal life which resulted in me being able to pray for her. It was amazing how God has used me in that situation and I was to continue to pray for her!


If this weekend hadn’t already been good enough, we also had another day there on Monday, this time in the Harris School. A member of Rugby Christian Fellowship also teaches at the school and so she had managed to get the Christian Union to organise a lunch time outreach concert for that Monday and invite us in as a the guest band. It was probably the shortest amount of time I have spent in a school before, as it was only for a lunch time which was roughly 40 mins long. We did a mini gig and there was a full hall by the end which was incredible considering noone had a clue who we were! But we loved it and most of the students who came looked interested and I am hoping that it will open doors to getting us into the school in the future and for more work to further the Kingdom will be able to happen there!!!


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