Frances Bardsley Academy, Romford

As part of a week that Scripture Union had organised at the school called Christianity Unlocked, we were invited to be in the all girls school for the day yesterday.

The hall we were playing in was a beautiful place, with old wood and a massive stage which was really high and had ( unfortunately!! ) very large steps to get up! We had set up on Thursday night and stayed over with lovely hosts so it was easier for us to get into the school and be ready for the morning as we started at 8:35!!


Our first lesson was our Definitions lesson. We had the whole of year 9 in the hall for first period and we looked at definitions of words and then asked them to come up with a definition of the word Christian. It was really interesting to hear their ideas and to see what they thought a Christian was!

Our second lesson was with the year 7s. They were an incredible bunch who were so enthusiastic!! They really god involved in the Friends lesson and came up with some really good qualities of a friend which they think are important. I really enjoyed that lesson and having banter with the pupils!!


We had a bit of a break before our final lesson so preparations were made for other things and I rested my voice due to it nearly not existing which was slightly worrying!!

The final lesson was just before lunch and we invited the whole of year 8 down this time, to the hall to be involved in another Definitions game. We switched the leaders of the sections round and so I wasn’t leading as much this lesson, but we did something slightly different at the end. When we look back at their definition of the word Christian, one of us usually go through what they have said and agree/ disagree with the suggestions, but then someone will share testimony about how Christianity is so much more than all of those things, it’s more about a relationship with God than just the ‘doing words’.
I shared that when it comes to the crunch, a relationship with God is what matters most. I shared briefly part of my testimony and said how important God being my father was to me.

During my testimony I spotted someone in the room with their hand up, but as I didn’t answer her during the lesson, I deliberately went and found her as they were being dismissed to ask what she was going to say. She asked me whether I had Godparents or any Spiritually wise people in my life to go to through that time of trouble. I explained that I do have both and have found them both to be important. It turned out she was a Christian but not only that, but her dad left her family when she was slightly younger, too. We were able to talk about the experience together and I’m praying that what I said was an encouragement to her and hopefully to the friends that had stayed with her and heard me speaking!!


We had publicised mini concert for after the school day finished and I was slightly unsure how many people would come! But there was enough for them to get excited and dance around as we played for 30 mins and did the songs we had been playing in the lessons that day.

It was a brilliant day and I am so happy with how things went! My voice held out and it was really encouraging to see the impact it had made on their school day with us going in!


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