Just been reflecting on the last two years and really noticing how God has put things in my life, people, occasions, trials, and how he has really worked through them. A coincidence? 

It was about a year ago when we were travelling up to Scotland from a weekend with Reece’s church in Bradford. What happened that day was incredible and it’s something I will never forget. I have told the story before, but as I walked into the service station at Wetherby, who happened to be there? My mum! In yorkshire! When she lives in suffolk! It was really what I needed that day and I completely believe that God was using that day to remind both of us that nothing is impossible with him!! 

Over the last 2 years I have been struggling with having a brace, with the pain but also things going wrong and me having to travel frequently backwards and forewords to Lowestoft to get things sorted. And then in June the work they had done in my 2013 operation fell out and I was frustrated with God and was often asking him why it was happening. 

Since then I have been coming home once every 6 weeks for treatment. My operation was an answer to prayer as I was able to be with my family around Christmas and fully recover over the holiday. But my following appointment was booked for the second week in January. That day was the final day I saw my Granny before she passed away. I was able to be honest, because of that appointment, a month before she died, when she was still looking her normal self and it was a really special time for me! I shouldn’t have been home until the middle of Feb, and that would have been too late. 

I just think that Gods timing is perfect. Without this hastle and pain with my brace, I wouldn’t have had that final day with her in January. I also wouldn’t be able to see my family much at all due to our busy schedule this year. 

Where there has been a problem, God has turned it round to work for my good. He has blessed me. He has helped me. And he has reminded me of that time in Wetherby with my mum and assured me that he has complete control! I just need to trust him!! 

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