GREAT Yarmouth!

It was time to head back to the east coast and spend a week in Great Yarmouth. Taste have been in Great Yarmouth High School for the past few years and they keep inviting us back! I remembered it being a really brilliant week last year and so I was excited about what was on offer this week!

Firstly, we spent the day on the Sunday leading worship at Park Baptist Church in the morning ,and then Unite (East Norfolk Youth For Christ) ‘s AGM in the afternoon, followed by Mettle, a youth group for the area. Becky and I were staying with ex-Tasty singer Claire Timothy (was Parry) for the week, with her husband Pete who is the minister of Park Baptist. They were really excited about us being there and leading the worship, and we were excited about spending time with them and getting to know an ex-Tasty! At the AGM ( which was at GHYS, where we would be spending the week) I was able to thank them and share about the impact their money supporting me this year in Taste has had on me and how I have grown.


On Monday there was a real hype knowing we were back in the school. We saw each year group for an assembly, one each morning of the week and then had lessons for the rest of the day. We had a mixture of large groups from each of the years for lessons like the friends and forgiveness lessons. But something slightly different was that we were also given small groups, of a mixture of year groups, where we took around 14 of them for lessons looking at some of the instruments the band members play. It was cool to get to know some of them better in that smaller environment!

On Wednesday we had a bit of a different day..

There were a few other bookings in the school, Release Dance Crew, Jelz Music and the Salvation Army came in and along with us, we offered the whole of year 10 a ‘Christianity’ day where they could ask questions, see what we all did and have a focus on God for the day, which was really cool!

We weren’t able to use the school hall because Jelz was performing on the stage, so we were given a slightly different (but one that we have done quite a few times this year!) task of being in a classroom for Q&A for the whole morning. The classes rotated between the different activities and when they came to us we gave them the opportunity to come and ask any questions about God. It was slightly tough some times and one question I had with a group of girls touched something and caused someone to be slightly upset about losing someone in their family. I was able to share my experience and i hope it was encouraging to them. Her question afterwards to me was how someone would go about becoming and Christian and how do you know you want to be one. I really am praying for her that she will be excited about God coming in to her life if she decides to make a commitment!

To finish the day we had a joint concert with Release and Jelz. It was amazing to see them perform and to be with them that day!


Thursday night was our concert. It was brilliant! We had 100 students come along, some who have been Taste fans for years after seeing them a few times, and so they knew the songs well and really joined in! Becky was brilliant at sharing her testimony and Andy shared the gospel which he nailed on the head! I really enjoyed the evening and we also had the added bonus of having Colin Galloway, a photographer, at the gig, and we have SO many brilliant pictures from that night! Please, if you use them in anyway, quote him as being the photographer so he gets the well deserved credit for his work!


It was sad to say goodbye on the Friday, we only had lessons until lunchtime so we could pack away and leave before they got out of their lessons in the afternoon. It was a brilliant week and I want to continue to pray for the kids we saw and for Ali Roberts who is continuing to go in to the school to be amongst the pupils and have conversations with them.

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