Three years ago I was invited to be a young leader at an event called Spring Camp, which North Breckland Youth for Christ run, inviting some of their young people from youth cafes, groups and churches to spend the weekend at Eaton Vale near Norwich. I loved my time there that year, and I began to have the conversations with Andy and Joy about joining Taste in that September.


A year later I was in my first year with Taste, helping to lead the worship, run sessions and I also did my first talk there that weekend.



This year, we were invited back for another fun packed time with 30 young people. We not only had the groups from the North Breckland/Norwich area but also a group from Great Yarmouth came which was brilliant!


I love being at this event and being part of the wider team there. I have made some great friends amongst the team, especially after being there for 3 years! Not only that but we had the wonderful Josh with us again this weekend!



The friday night kicked off with our usual programme; Whats in the mail, the Mix Dance (new for this year!), a Taste song, games like Jammin, quizzes, small group times, worship, a talk and a response time. We were aware that the young people here this weekend were mostly un-churched kids, which meant that choosing worship songs they would know would be difficult! Josh on the first night explained really well about what we were doing in these times of worship, and encouraged them to get excited just like we were. We got them involved, jumping, singing, shouting, dancing, the atmosphere was great!


The theme for the weekend was Life’s Adventure Essentials. So the themes for the sessions were Purpose, Direction, Community and Storms. Some of us from Taste, Josh and Gabi and Dan from North Breckland YFC spoke in a session each.

I had chosen to speak on the Saturday morning which was looking at ‘Purpose’. I took the character of Joseph and explained how sometimes life seemed like he couldnt see the bigger picture, how things could improve in his life, but actually God can see the bigger picture, he knows the plans he has for us, plans to prosper and not to harm us! And I also talked about God’s ultimate purpose for us which is to have a friendship with us, so encouraged them to enter into that relationship with God if they wanted to. It was a great morning, with a bit of discussion within their small groups. I loved speaking that morning and sharing a bit of testimony with them all!


Saturday was a very busy day as it was our only full day there! Not only did they have 3 Mix sessions with us in the main hall, but there were also centre activities where they could go out and use the facilities with things like Jacobs Ladder, Sledging and Raft Building, and also then the workshops which were run by the team. I was asked to run the singing workshop, and Andy and Josh helped me which was cool, to plan to do a flash mob in the middle of the talent show, which was that evening. They were all really excited about it and when the time came to do it, it went really well! The talent show was packed with entertainment and it was a great evening.


On Sunday morning people were beginning to get rather tired! It was slightly harder to wake the young people that morning than it had been the day before! We had a session in the morning, with workshops and centre activities after and a final celebration in the afternoon. The day on Sunday was really good, I loved hanging out with the young people and playing games and chatting to them all. Particularly, it was great to spend time with the group from Great Yarmouth who had seen us in school a couple of weeks ago!


The final session we made to be about the cross. We just wanted those young people to understand what it was that Jesus has done for THEM. It was a brilliant final session where we told the story of the crucifixion and explained that ‘it is finished’. I am really praying that it was something that hit home with a lot of those young people!


What a fantastic weekend! So sad that it was my last one (hint hint 😉 ) but really excited about what God did that weekend and what he will be continuing to do in their lives!


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