Baptist Assembly

What an opportunity- to be able to spend the day at Baptist Assembly, leading the worship in the main arena and ALSO running a session for the youth at Innovation. This year BA was only one day long, which meant we had a lot of things to squash into the day and we started very early!

At 7am we entered the venue and began setting up in the youth venue. Some of us had to leave the room to go and sound check in the auditorium. The auditorium was very big, with enough chair space for over 1000 people to be there. We were expecting around 1200 people to be there and be part of the worship sessions.


We kick started the day with a main session where we led the worship. It was a quick turn around as after that session we had a sound check with David Ellis who was leading the worship in the evening, followed by having our lunch before having to be ready for the youth session.


We only had a short amount of time with the youth this afternoon but we did manage to put our favourite items in such as what’s in the mail, the mix dance and jammin! Josh led some worship and I had been asked to speak during the session. I was talking about being ‘Living Stones’ and gave them the challenge about how real their faith was to them, how personal their relationship with Jesus was and whether they were willing to go out and to make a difference to show the world the amazing thing they have in their life, Jesus.

The afternoon prayer session was to be led by the Innovation youth, so we had planned to build  a wall, continuing on from the theme of being living stones, and using cardboard boxes, we made a massive wall as a prayer activity.


The idea was for BA to recognise and give thanks for the ministers who had passed away this year. As we did that, we laid bricks down which had their names on. Then the new accredited ministers were recognised for their service, and so laid their own boxes with their names on. Innovation also added their own bricks, and then the whole congregation were invited to lay some bricks to represent them. It looked amazing. We then encouraged them to take away any boxes that they wanted which could be a symbol to step out and show that He reigns, to make a difference in the word, and so gave them all a challenge to do something with the box — fill it with things for a childrens home etc. It went down a treat and we were so pleased with the feedback.


Directly after the prayer session we had the final praise session and we had some more worship, this time led by David Ellis. It was great fun singing and being part of the worship on Saturday. We also had David Scott from Taste a few years ago with us and Josh was back again too, which was brilliant and it sounded great all together!


What a fantastic day at BA!


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