The sun came out in Fakenham!

We took the road up to sunny Norfolk a few weekends back as we were invited to be part of Fakenham Community Baptist Church’s fun day. It took place in the local park, with different gazebos set up with different activities and people there. They also had bouncy castles and face painting. It reminded me of the CPCC fun day!

We arrived and began to unload, and it was obvious that the Lord was going to be blessing us with absolutely beautiful weather! The sun was out, it was baking hot, (slightly uncomfortable whilst setting up!!) but it meant loads of people were attracted to the fun day and we had a brilliant time.


We were asked to just be background music, playing as the event was happening. I had put together 4 different sets of all our stuff, Taste songs, one cover and one christian worship song. We tended to attract a few fans and it sounded like people were enjoying themselves!


We had a few technical hitches — I suppose there’s always the risk when running things off generators! But things were soon resolved and the show could go on!


We were so well looked after this weekend, and we made some great friends there. After a BRILLIANT day on the Saturday, we were also invited to go and lead the service at the church the following day. Another great opportunity to mix with the congregation and get to know people. We used the story of Zacchaeus – and created a tree for him to climb up so that he could see Jesus as we rein-acted the story from the Bible.


Paul was able to share testimony about how he has been able to use a gift that God has given to him and use it for His glory this year in Taste. We ended the service with them coming to pray for us which was SO encouraging and was great to be amongst such lovely people!


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