Time to say goodbye to Taste!!

It has got to that time where I have to write my final blog and say goodbye to an amazing two years of Taste.

I have absolutely loved writing and keeping everyone up to date with our travels and I hope that they have been helpful and encouraging to you guys who have been blessing me with reading them!


I think it is clear to see that God directed me towards 2 Gap Years which have actually completely changed me. As a person, spiritually, emotionally, physically.

I look back on 2 years ago before I started and if I’m honest I was in a bad way! But God provided me with everything I could possibly need in my first year – a solid group of friends within my team who I knew loved me and I definitely loved them back! An amazing host family who provided for me and welcomed me into their home. He gave me the money ( and more!) that I needed and was worried about getting and proved to me that I could trust Him with my finances and with Him looking after me.

I grew musically through my guitar playing and my singing, shared my testimony in both England and Germany, prayed with several young people and had great conversations throughout the year. Towards the end of the year I even discovered this gift which God wanted me to use – the ability to communicate and teach, I fell in love with preaching!


I made the decision to stay on for a second year as it got into the spring, and if I’m honest, there were a few people who didn’t think it was the best thing for me to do. It would mean being another year behind starting uni, I would have to raise the money all over again which was potentially going to be a big problem. But I felt there was God speaking to me through that and telling me actually the right thing to do was to stay with Taste.


And now after that second year and looking back on everything that has happened I KNOW God had his hand on it all! It’s been an interesting year – a different team, not having a constant host home which has meant me moving around a bit, losing a family member. But do you know what?

God has blessed me through it all. Through it all He has been faithful. Again I gained brilliant friendships, a church which has supported me and encouraged me to use my gifts and I have made friends for life there, I have had  to step up within the team but God has helped me to grow in leadership. I have just felt so much more confident. I have gained skills in public speaking, in communication and just general people skills which I know is going to massively help me for the rest of my life! I have loved performing and have really come out of my shell on stage. I have been given the opportunity to speak at 7 youth events over the two years but also at 2 services at Thundersley Congregational Church.


These are just some examples, not the mention the privilege it has been to work with Andy and Joy, two amazing leaders who are such amazing role models of people wanting to sacrifice to serve. But I wanted to thank everyone for supporting me, praying for me, giving to me financially. I have had the time of my life, it was so hard to say goodbye! Taste has shaped me into the person that I am now and I am so thankful for that. To see God use me to speak into young peoples’ lives has been incredible and I am honoured to have been part of such an amazing ministry as Taste!


Now… onto new things! I move to York in September to start my 3 year Christian Theology degree at York St John University. It’s going to be very different to Taste life, but I am buzzing to experience all these new opportunities there will be for me there.

I wonder what God has got in store for me next!?!

GOODBYE TASTE! But this is just the beginning!



  1. What a brilliant final blog Beth! You have been an excellent team member and assistant team leader, we’ve loved having you and know that this is just the start of all that God has for you! You have given one hundred and ten percent, and we look forward to seeing how your next adventure unfolds. Keep your eyes fixed on Jesus and you can’t go wrong!! Love you loads:) xxx

    1. I’ve just seen this message. Thank you so much for what you said! I’m just looking back through my blog now! My church are off to New Wine North which is at Hollybush Farm tomorrow and the youth team are using the venue we use for Livit and it makes me feel weird knowing they’re there and it’s OUR venue! haha. Hope you’re well. Love you loads too. A year on and I have loved the adventure! xxxx

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